Rope Leads for Horses

Cable guides for horses

Step-by-step demonstration of how to splice a double braided yacht rope! Snacks and Big Sky Tack horse leash 10 12 or 14 foot leash The lead ropes are available in lengths 10', 12' and 14' and are manufactured with a 9/16" Premium Double Braid Polyester rope (also known as Yacht Rope). Comes with a corded strap at one end to fasten a buckle of your choosing (buckle NOT included) or directly to the holster. On the other end there is a push button made of high grade Latin-skin.

Also the popper end is split, which makes it natural weight. The two ends of the rope are manually split and not molten to prevent them from fraying or pulling apart. In the USA all our chocolates are handmade and sliced by Big Sky Tack & Snacks. Doubly braided polyesters are the highest grade riding ropes on the marked.

Polyesters are ultraviolet, decay, stretch, spot and wear-proof. Well known coaches all over the globe use and support this rope types. You' ll get the best of the pros at an accessible cost. Cables other than this can be called "poly" ropes, but this does not mean that they are polyesters.

The majority are made of polypropylene, which is an inferior rope. The rope is cleanable and sturdy, yet still has a great feeling in your hands. Also we produce holsters, linen, rein and other top products. Please note: We do not enclose a buckle, as some customers fix the leash directly to the holster without a buckle and others have a penchant for what kind of buckle they like and against.

Because we can't please everyone, we have your favourite buckle bought and installed elsewhere, if you wish.

Das Bleiseil - How to guide a horses

Horses must be taken from the pastures to their loosebox, from the loosebox to the grooming area and from the stables to the transport drawbar trail. In order to guide the stallion, a holster is placed on the horse's skull and a rope of penis is fastened to the holster.

The kind of rope is selected according to where the horses are to be led. If you are riding a stallion, make sure that you are riding him from the right side, i.e. the stallion on the other. Hold it relatively near to yourself and remain at the height of the horse's shoulders.

Do not twist the wire around your hand or your arms. Don't let that stallion run in front of you or behind you. Hold a certain tension on the rope and check it.

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