Roping Tack

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This is Teskey's Harness Leather Roping reins. Have yourself equipped with the necessary rope accessories. Cables & Rope Accessories Heat sets a new benchmark in terms of cable feeling and power. Developed for today's agressive roping style, The Heat offers a strap filled with bodys. Lightweight and powerful, The Heat is constructed to withstand punishments.

GT4's heavy-duty tip and smaller size make swinging easier.

The 100% Nylons cable provides tonnes of bodies and tips in a small diametre cable. It is ideal for warm conditions and has a long life. These ropes have an ultra sleek feeling with the right amount of bulk and build to help you get that perfectly open bow and trouble-free supply every while.

It was Jake Long who made Cactus turn the Game Changer into a tramp. Five-stranded Rattler Ropes fifth wheel rop. The four-stranded polycalfiber is made of 100% American textured polyfiber. Gentle and fast, low upkeep. Mach III is a 100% small and lightweight 100% Nylonsil.

That'?s the number one three-stranded heddle. Length: 29' This 4-strand kids and dummies cable is slippery, long-lasting and has a great tip feeling. Dimensions: 8mm dia x 29' long. Fast Back Revolver is a great transition line and is ideal for older and more seasoned youngsters.

It' light to sway and has enough power to get into the mummy.

Rope Saddles Team

The STT Team Roping saddle with full roughhout and a Texas wide rump. Esophagus: 6 3/4" Oesophagus Spread: 13.5" Swell Height: 7.5" Cantle: 3.5" Closer Team Roper Sattel from STT. Rope stapes are 3 x 3 in. This coarse fit has a Bullskin pad. Also the mudguards are rough.

It is equipped with a rope beam, fittings in high-grade steal, conchoes and glans. A slick-out with embossed glans undertones. This coarse fit has a Bullskin insole. It has a tight fit, sewn twice and is quadratic. Headgear 3 www. Rope stirrup are machined. Back RCA is a rope and the boom is a teammate.

It is also equipped with fittings in high-grade steal and concho engravings. STT Racing Saddles from STT. Accentuate the suede skin with a click-out. It is a tight fit calf with a smooth quadratic bottom hem that is sewn in two. Four inches pipe stirrup are equipped accordingly. Embroidered bullskin inlay, rope backrest, fittings in high-grade steal and engraving on the conchoes.

ROBHUTUH TO ROBER exclusively at STP. It has a bullskin fit and embossed abseil bars. Twice the seam is contrasting with the roughness. It is a tightly fitted nut with a quadratic coat. Closer contacts to the Rope Saddles Squadron of SST. The saddles are California Flower and

It has a bullskin front and back seats, normal coats, STT conchos and embossed wire hangers. Our Ropertree staff has a ten-year guarantee. A full grain dark brown suede teamroper with embossed stirrup, Campbell conchos, harness, Texas wide horns and a half-brown stud edging. Oesophagus is 6¾ inch, beam width is 13 inch, threshold is 7½ inch, and inclination is 3 inch.

It has a ten-year guarantee on the ropeway. It is a first-class ropper semitrailer with a ten-year guarantee. It is semi-raw, semi-flowered, has individual conchos and a sewn dual skirt.

Its oesophagus is 6¾ inch, the waves are 7 inch, the mantle is 3 inch, and the pub is 13 inch wide. It comes with a cord belt, cord straps that are provided with a tool, and the Texas Dally Horns covered with Latin. It is a crew opera calf with an esophagus 6 x 12 inch and a 13 x 12 inch bars.

It has a ten-year guarantee on the cableway. Swelling is 7 and the 3 www.cantle is 3 in. Half Colorado style with half rough, half flowery ringing, embossed stirrup, Campbell conchos, straps and a Texas Dally bugle.

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