Ror Horses for Sale

Horses Ror for sale

The RoR spring a horses Approximately us Retraining of racehorses (RoR) is British Horseracing's officially recognised charitable organisation for horses that have withdrawn from motorsport. Source a Horse's website is developed to make it easier to sell, buy or rent former race horses, either directly from the trainer's farm or for those horses that have not been trained for a long while.

Regardless of your re-training levels, this is where you can recruit or purchase a former race horse. Your contribution will help to sustain the work of RoR, encourage a post-race lifestyle and ensure assistance for endangered former race horses.

Sell EX Racing Horses Horses

Selling 3 hh darkbrown stallion 11 years old without own blame without any problems.... He' s been retrained professional and is not your common bubbling tub, but a reasonable and sensible one. He' s a real little pony with no clumps or irregularities and a lot of bones.

He' d turn someone into a beautiful Equestrian Centre or ROR / Showpferd. Real cause for the sale. It is not for loans and is for sale only to a competent 5-star house. The Wreningham is a friendly stallion that I have had for 7 years. I' ve always been a gentleman to horseback trekking.

There are other good ex racehorses for sale as reduced numbers. is an intelligent looking bay filly that excels in every sport. There are no flaws, neat feet, supermover, fit and open for five-step checks. Just for sale as a pensioner in retirement and to reduce the number of owners.

Different grade racers for sale. An Ace is a great horse riding, a great gentlemen. Supermover, would go into training slightly, needs some more work on his gallop transition and will be great in ROR training and show. For sale only as owner/trainer/breeder with reduced number. Different qualities ex race horses for sale.

She is a lovely filly with great potentials on the plain. He has a great spirit in and out of the stables and is a great rider. He' s a greatover, and he's got three great steps. This is a true top-notch TB that has already proven that it will be top in the ROR show and top level in showjumping.

Different quality ex racehorses for sale. At the moment he is riding by a dainty woman and is a true jewel. Pictures and video available. We give up owning horses after many years and many horses. There was a stallion that left Ben alone. Extreme sorry sale. Due to this background and the fact that it is not suited for a beginner, I offer it for sale for a face value of 300 only to the right people.

I' ve been owning this stallion for 6 years and had so much enjoyment with it, but now there are real, personally motivated sales. Breathtaking TB filly for sale. 2hhh seven-yo filly. Their flat work is beautiful, beautiful pace and an energetic back foot and would distinguish itself in the ROR Dressurliga. Â The reason why she can't event/jump is because she has slight Arthritis in her posterior ankles.

That has no effect on her flat work and she is 100% healthy, but that's why I chose to send her into retirement. She is a holy woman and it was a great joy for me to own her.

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