Royal Horse Feeds

The Royal Horse Feeds

""Give your horse the royal treatment!"" The Triple Crown Premium Horse Feed offers firm recipes, high quality ingredients and digestive aids for a healthy digestive tract and a happy horse. The natural hematopoietic properties of EQ-ROYAL can help your equestrian athlete:

The Vita Royal's Nutritional Equine/Horse feed programme

in the horse sector today has almost 180° different from those who operated the same sector 100 years ago. On Tuesday my granddad ploughed his yard with the same horse he took the whole house to the city and then he ran - on Sunday - and then he pulled the car back home!

It is accompanied by an ever-increasing pollution of polluted areas such as the atmosphere, irrigation, rain and fertilisers with poisons that amplify the disastrous consequences of undernourishment of our source of nutrition by absorbing heavy poisonous flux. This is exactly what the Vita Royal Nutrition Program is all about. Conventional feeder tags now look like a group of undetectable substances, such as "processed by-products....".

Do we not have enough of it in our stock feeds, which are "supposedly" nutritious and not? On the way to excretion, the entire gastrointestinal tract's virtually dimension is not diminished, as little of it can be taken up as food. Therefore, the tissues are made to split at a certain height, or in the case of tissues, the volumes, and we never get to know "the cell that New York ate"!

Pancreatic stem cells take up nutrients through their own mimics. When the interior of the cellular body (the cytoplasm) exceeds the membran' capacity to supply nutrients, the cellular body splits to produce more tissue in relation to the cellular content. A number of by-products such as "wheat middlings" or "wheat-wheat mids", the residues of cleaning and screening grain entering the entire grain production process, are so loaded with particles of powder, soil and mould that they are reminiscent of grain soil debris.

With these additives there is of course the need to produce a high proportion of effective conservatives - this leads us to our next thought. "Ethoxyquin " is such a strong conservative that it seldom finds its way into the mortal nutritional system. Because of its known poisonous effect on the hyperthyroidism, could it be that controls all cellular function in every live body?

If poisonous foods are added to foods that have been designed to disintegrate with the help of these God-given micro-organisms, we intervene in their tasks and even destroy them. Only prolongation of lifespan to which these conservatives contribute is the overall durability! So can we "cook" the feed to conserve it - "of course"?

" Now, the "cooked" feed is currently either "pelletized" at 160°F or "extruded" at 350°F (yes - the cooking temperature)! In temperatures above 120°C you say goodbye to useful indigestive enzymes, which are active in the diet itself, and to some other vital substances. We have a much bigger issue with extrusion feed.

Today we know that high temperature exposed oil produces "trans fats " that damage cellular membrane and are flammable in the human being. A number of horse feeds, as well as pet and pet food, are often known for their high "fat content" - and to offend the wound, "fat" is often a considerable amount of satisfied fats from slaughterhouses.

They are also the reservoirs of pollutants and endocrine disrupters to which the feed organism has been either nourished or used. Are we really going to put them in ANY nutritional resource, even feed? They are vegetarian by birth and genetic. Now that E.I. is emerging as an outbreak, the last things we need for delicate equine life are inflammation-increasing substances in our diet!

More and better food is needed to regain the goodness of an ill person than to keep him well. That is why the old methods no longer work, which leads us to the next issue, the addition of minerals. In" the old" era, before our land was "exploited" and land deficits were no longer a concern, a low accumulation of minerals in the feed was necessary.

They were used for our lives - in producing and transporting our horse, in fighting and in transporting it. If there is less demand, we could use the usual mineral salts such as sulphates and phosphate for foodstuffs, which could be produced cheaply. And although they weren't totally non-toxic, we only needed a small amount, so there was no issue with them.

They use the additive phosphate and sulfate because they are inexpensive to manufacture, and they say that the horse sector itself needs "cheap" to exist. There is a better way, a "back to the natural way" that is even more economic than the "cheap" industrial programmes - AND one that resolves the many nutritional issues today.

The Vita Royal's Custom Nutrition Program solves the problems of "junk" foods by delivering a formula that you can put into a fully stocked mill and prepare for you - a truly "fresh" blend of grains without filler, preservative, questionable fat or unwanted minerals. Better still, it currently cost about 40-50% LESS that these commercially available feeds are packaged with all the "extras".

" It can be used for most horses (with good natural teeth) as a general purpose wheat mixture, or if your horse has specific needs, select one of the other two formulas. Simply adapt your programme to the needs of your horse with our biochemical food additives. There are no filling agents, i.e. 100 percent of the agents get into your horse.

In order to adapt the programme to the needs of individuals with different age, sex and medical conditions. That is very helpful, because you not only have to get a whole batch of food for one horse, but also for your whole stable. Whatever you need, Vita Royal has a tailor-made programme that makes it SIMPLE for you and BETTER for your horse.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest possible level of cleanliness, which is hard to find in the horse sector. Our formulas are pioneers in the horse sector with a ratio of dietary supplement and even general care adapted to the respective application, also taking into account different ages.

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