Rubber Curry Comb for Horses

Curry rubber comb for horses

Curry Combs Soft Rubber help remove mud and loosen matted dirt for quick care. Rubber Curry Comb is a large oval rubber curry comb for care. This is not so good for horses with a long coat, as it does not penetrate deep into the coat. Round rubber-face curry comb. Smooth with very flexible bristles, this is a great face curry.

Rubber-curry comb

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Rubber-curry comb

"I have ever tasted" Great curry comb. It' s good that this comb has a certain degree of elasticity and can be used on some of the more delicate parts of my horses. "These are the beautiful, smooth curry comb, which have a little extra versatility, not the rigid one.

It is efficient yet smooth enough to treat the sensitive areas with care. "I love this product!" It was the best curry comb I used on my horses. Much better than the ones made of steel, because they can injure the horses. STRONG I commend these curry combs! "Not so good for horses with long fur because it doesn't penetrate deeply into the fur.

That curry does the work.

Champions Brush Super Soft Rubber Curry Comb

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