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"Saddle & Bridle is a show horse magazine that covers all events around the American saddle horse. The Dutchess Bridle & Saddle LLC saddle for English & Western saddles.

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Saddles & Bridles

For further information, please consult the editor of the journal. You should receive the first edition of a weekbook within 4-6 week after your order. First issues of a month's journal should be delivered within 6-10 week, unless otherwise stated. We will then add your subscriptions to the publisher's next release and send them by post.

If, for example, your month ticket was ordered in November and the December edition has already been sent, your order can be added to the January mail. Renew your subscription: If you have already registered with the publishers, please be aware that the expiry date will not appear in our magazine if you have already registered.

We' re working with the publishing house to make sure you continue to get all editions of your subscriptions. When you order such a journal, you will get new editions as soon as they become available.

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A 35-year joiner, Jim Wilson trained as a upholsterer in the UK, where he has worked for 14 years. Our accountant Maggie Mansfield has worked in finance for over 30 years and is a very experienced rider. FACEBOOK for current shipping lists & other important information!

SMS QSF Foundress of Dutchess Bridle & Saddle, Kate Wilson has been saddlers, saddlers and riders for 23 years.

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