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Coliseum saddles, turn, horses, mules, western, Golians. Cheap prices and a wide selection of Western saddles and horses from Mary's Tack & Feed. Buy online at Mary's for all your western saddles and reversible belts. Hamp's is a full service saddle and tack store that we are happy to provide you with.

Founded by Colin Dangaard, the Australian Stock Saddle Company has saddles, tack and all kinds of accessories for all kinds of riders.

Golian's saddles and bridles

Golian's saddles & tack, based in New London, MO, we are a small company that offers everything in one saddle at a very reasonable price. 200 new seats are in our warehouse, which you can buy from us, or we can make an individual saddle for you and your horses.

More than 40 years of equestrian sport experiences, We have brought up, broken and coached, horsemen & trailrides, every opportunity we get and try ourselves in show ring! As a rule we have a beautiful choice of ponies & burros!

Welcome to Hilason - Specialists in horseback, English saddle and horseback in general.

Welcome to Hilason - Specialists in Westernsaddle, English Saddle and horseback in general. We have treeless saddle, flex tree saddle, side-saddle, show saddle, parade saddle, trick saddle and bronc saddle. This saddle is available in English and Westernsadtel. Among the disciplines typically reached by these riders are running, training, distance training, versatility, reining, show jumps, tensioning, vaulting, pole, races, driving and rodeos.

Bareback trekking and trailer trekking are other amusement equestrian sports that Hilason Saddles covers.

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Survivor Poley Mark II has 4 3/4" kneepads, a 5" dipper in a weave-sprung fit and is mounted on an aluminium arm. The Master Deluxe pattern, one of our most beloved seats, set the benchmark for the mid-range. Featuring high quality Aussie vegetable provender, a feathered fit, real scabbard liner and an adjustment wooden.....

The Fox Poley is a nice and robust cross-over saddle, called after the smart and supple fighter, who has reached the state of a top robber in parts of Australia. Equipped with vibrating mudguards on a rigid bridge and on a..... It is a saddle for long time use.

One of the secrets of the saddle's succes is a pole that cover the back of the saddle as far as possible - which leads to a negative impression for the saddle. Gulf Poley is a sturdy ranching and trailing saddle developed for years of tough use. It is made of variable timber and stainless steal, the woven suspension for long driving and the mudguards sway from a stapes in the training post.

Sitting..... This is a luxury barebacks mat in a thick nap, constructed on Aussie merchino wool. It has Big D1 riigging to accommodate any type of W. C. system and a massive copper squares to accommodate any type of British leath. Developed specifically for Aussie styled seats.

It' s covering the whole body, the coat, the supernatant and the stirrups! Exclusive to Down Under Saddle Supply, this equipment cushion is only intended for Australia saddle. Dimensioned to our specification and equipped with both a sweatband and saddlecloth, we believe this is the best saddlecloth in Australia.....

Initially developed for westernsaddle, this pads is also suitable for most of Australia's saddle types (especially the fleet saddles). When you use saddlebags and want to offer your saddle a little more security to your saddle, this is a..... This saddle cloth fits perfectly with most of Australia's saddle and has an enduring saddle flap under the saddle cloth.

So most saddle cushions in Australia are suitable because they believe that the welding..... Developed specifically for Aussie styled seats. It' s covering the whole body, the coat, the supernatant and the stirrups! The saddlebags can also be supplied with brazen rivets along the top door.

Traditionally Western style saddlebags now come with a pocket on each side for a multi-tool, rider knives, hoof-scratcher, torch, etc. There are 2 brasspouts on both sides for a simple fixing. HALTER BRIDLE has been virtually unaltered for over a hundred years. One of the most popular saddle shoes in the world, the Saddle Company Australia has three circles on a strengthened jaw, which provides an alternative location for either the clasp....

Cross Country chest protector is the best solution when it comes to holding a saddle in uneven ground.

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