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Cut back saddles, training equipment, custom bits and saddle clothing. The Ovation harness or equipment for high-quality bridle work at a reasonable price. FREIMMAN's crafts saddlery & harness for show horses as well as luxurious leather bags and accessories. Dealers sell a variety of equipment for your horse, including bridles, spurs, saddles, caparisons and horseshoes.

You can also visit our shop in Kalispell MT, where we also offer Tack & Saddle Repair!

Equine Packaging Equipment | Best Camp Equipment & Accessories

We are your full-service supplier for packaging. Not only do we offer packaging materials. We' re behind every single one of our products and we use it! Storefront any time for horse packaging equipment, camp equipment, horse stacks, rope equipment, and so much more. We have Mo-Fr 9-6 opening times, where we also offer a complete range of horse fodder and pet food:

LMF, Victor, Renew Gold, ADM, Taste of the Wild and more; along with certificated diced and pellet feed. Do you need a tack or saddle service?

Test-safety - competent consulting for horse grooming and equitation

Now, there's never been a more truthful saying about them. You protect your security and the comforts of your horse by taking a few more moments and conducting these easy security tests before each trip. Make sure the saddle is in good condition before placing it on your horse's back.

I put the saddle between my knee and hold it on both sides near the knob at the front of the saddle and press the sides tight. When there is a weak spot in the saddle frame or beam that can seriously harm your horse's back, when you are riding further, or when you override.

A saddle with a fractured pole should never be used on a horse. Once the boom has passed the pattern, resume control by looking at the saddle rods to which your stapes are attached. Shake and tighten the stapes with it. Now look under the flap and make sure that the webbing to which your belt is attached is weakly sewn.

Inspect the sticks for drought and abrasion by bending and turning the belts. It is advisable to change this part before it completely rips through if you detect any cracking in the leathern. Inspect the belt itself and the resilient ends if your belt has them.

Inspect the parts that keep the buckle in place, as well as the buckle itself, to make sure they are not twisted or rust. You should change the belt before it breaks down if you experience any problem. We' ve all seen these comedies in which the horseman puts his feet in the stirrups and both he and the saddle land on the floor.

Inspect your stirrups for moisture and abrasion, especially where the skin creases. The same bending and twist technology is used to control the cudgels. Change all stirrups used in these areas or which have tears in the grain of your stitch. Also, inspect the seams of the stapes and make sure that any seams that come loose or become damaged are fixed or that the stapes are in use.

Use the same bending and twist techniques as for the stirrups and stirrups to inspect all the bridles. Inspect all seams, especially on the rein. When you have the equipment (I bought an award at the retailer and practiced on old tacks until I perfect the technique), you may be able to do some basic repair yourself.

In case of any doubts, contact your regional upholsterer. Inspect the teeth yourself for roughened corners that can cause tender lip damages. Immediately substitute all cutting tools that show indications of surface finish and abrasion. Inspect the clasps to ensure that they do not rust through and that the reeds are not twisted so that the clasp can be loosened during use.

You should carry out the same security controls on your saddle and bridles on any other equipment you use - be it martingale, chest plates or a full horse riding harness. However, the same controls should be carried out on your saddle and heel. If you keep the horse's skin tidy and in good condition, it will last longer and be more pleasant for your horse.

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