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In this directory of Custom Westernsattler you will find contact information for active custom saddlers. On special request, we have provided a range of tools for saddlers looking for a higher quality that cannot be found on the Internet. Custommade saddler - Western saddler The Westernsattler list offers information for professional use. Besides the construction of made-to-measure calipers, many of these manufacturers also carry out repair and conversion work on calipers. This list is arranged in alphabetical order by federal state or state.

Before you buy a customized saddle, we recommend that you always exercise the necessary care.

J.J. Maxwell Tack & Saddle Co. 1241 Spiller Rd. Saddle Corriente Co. 1106 NW Elm St. 4602 W. 4950 P. 4491 Sadler Rd.


On this page we have compiled information and pictures of saddlers. People are invited to submit information, manufacturer labels and pictures either to our e-mail or to our Facebook page. Chickasha, district town of Grady District, Oklahoma, is located in the centre of the province forty leagues south-west of Oklahoma City, where several motorway cross.

Mueller, a native of St. Louis MO in the 1860s, opened his first store in Denver in 1891. In 1917 he sells his enterprise to his staff and it takes until 1957. This is a Fred Mueller we own," Bill Kane told us. I don't know when it was made, but his sign would indicate it before he sells his enterprise to his people.

" R. T. Frazier Saddlery worked in Pueblo, Colorado from 1898-1958. The shop was run by his wife, Katherine (Kitty) R. Henly Frazier, until it closed in 1958. Photographs of Frazier Saddle by kind permission of Dave Fullarton, Australia. There was a couple or Angorakaps, a kit of knives and this saddle in the chest.

This saddle is in remarkably good order. "Frank Bregenzer, makers, rifle, colo. Connelly Metzger and Angelika Kuphal from the Black Forest sent us pictures of their saddle. And they said: We have here an old westernsaddle and wonder where it comes from and how old it is. The postage stamps says "Frank Bregenzer - manufacturer - rifle. col", his wooden rifle is made of raw skin (his weight - about 36 pounds)....Funny how things develop and that part of his life's work has landed here, back in Germany.

Anyone who has a few, Paul Knowles would like to know about other Steamboat Springs manufacturers: "Hello, I looked at your manufacturer lists and thought I'd put in my saddle and see if you have any information about it.

He made the bangs from what I could find on the intern. "Editorial note: A mochilla is a detachable saddle covered with hide. D-407-317 Delaware St., Kansas City, MO. J.G. Read studied saddlery at Cornish & Walton in Ogden Utah in the 1870s.

1883 he acquired the company and re-named it J.G. Read Huarness & Siddlery. One year later his sibling W.S. came to him and together they also acquired the small company Cheyenne Huarness & Saddlery in Ogden. In those days the company was operating as a shop for goods made of leathers, tableware and saddlers, but over the years it was adapted to advances by the sale of automotive equipment (tyres, batteries) and later also domestic utensils and furniture.

An upholsterer of the day, Jones Saddlery, who made his first saddle for Arthur Godfrey in 1958. Since then Dave has worked for Western Horseman and other journals. The Ryon Saddle and Ranch - 1944 to the present day. Today it's Sean Ryon Saddlery. From 1944 until his passing in 1972, Don "Windy" Ryon worked at the Livestock Exchange in Fort Worth Stockyards.

Today his great-grandchildren have the Sean Ryon Saddleshop there. Photographs of Ryon Sattel below by kind permission of Val Samuelson. Makers Graham, Tex. There' s no records of the saddle-burner. Throughout the 1980s, Eddleman worked with Eddleman designs for the Eddleman family.

It is possible to determine whether an Eddleman saddle is before the date of the sale of the saddle business and after an arrangement with the Eddleman's. Eddleman brand is still in Graham, Texas, as are the designs for Eddleman Saddles. "L "L White was borne in 1886 and passed away in 1952.

Began his Ft. Ware, TX Store at the height of the Mexican Revolution to serve the US cavalry or the US army. Louis White, his two sons, took over the business after his demise and ran it until 1969 when Louis passed away. Louis' Mrs. Alvern White shut it down in 1972.

Pictures of the Price McLauchlin saddle below by kind permission of Howard Nicols. Mr. Glen Williams sent us the pictures and the story below and this email: "Enclosed are pictures of one of my saddles, along with an articel mentioning James McLauchlin, Price's bro. Also I once had a saddle from Earl McLauchlin (another brother), I am sorry I didn't keep it, or at least some documents about it.

These were producers and traders of calipers, harnesses, necklaces, bridle, a full line of leathers, shoes repairs, bowboy jackets, autotops and seats and awnings. Saddle pictures were courtesy of De Roo Alain, Gent, Belgium Europe. Everyone who knows the further story of the store is welcome to send us an e-mail with further information.

In the 1940s and 1960s my granddad Vernon Poor made Texas calipers in Abilene. All we know are two calipers. "I know that my granddaddy had a store in Abilene, Texas named Stockman's supplies and also had a store in the market. The Ramsey-Ford Saddle firm was in San Antonio 1870-1880-1890.

During these years JK Ramsey and FW (Ford) Sibert founded a partner - next to Frank Saddlery in San Antonio Texas. You can now collect his calipers very easily. "Wilford Lewis & Sons - Wilford Lewis Hereford, Texas is a third breed saddler. The Lewis & Sons saddle tree construction firm is a modern Hereford family.

We' re informed that Bona Allen has made seats for Sears, for Westerns and for Montgomery Ward. This is one of the oldest saddlery in California, founded by Fred's sire Marcus Stern and operated from 1852 to the 1930'. I have sent you pictures of 2 polyester backgauge seats, which are exhibited in our store.

They both have the striking "medallion" or "sunflower" designs and other very similar items, such as a handle (a bit uncommon on women's saddles) and a nice handbag on the right side of the saddle. Lillian Chaudhary von Willows, CA sent me the information that can be seen on the enclosed monochrome-photographs.

That saddle in her pictures was taken by J S Calles, Prescott, AZ. Before we found the saddle in Oregon, nobody had an accurate date on these women saddle in the West. It is interesting that I know of 3 of these calendars found in Oregon, and my two came from California. Contemporary side-saddler:

Westernsattel by Gwinn & Brainard, Petaluma, California between 1867 and 1880. "I' ll be selling this saddle if you know any collector who might be interested. "Newton Porter, originating in Texas, opened a store in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1898. After his death around 1912, his son was one of the most important saddlers in the 1930' s and 1940'.

Between the 1890s and 60s, Porter's Saddles occupied two or more masters who worked on and sewn the calipers. The saddle was one of the best in the whole wide range of saddle styles. "Port Saddlery began in a sailcloth marquee shortly after the civil war in Abilene, KS...Newton Porter (N Porter) was the first, hence the name.

At the beginning of the 20th century, they had settled in Phoenix, with customers in Tucson and south Arizona, who were served by a moving van. That was Harold Porter borne in Phoenix. In 1925 Harold took over the management of the company when his dad died. Harold relocated to Tucson in the 1930' and established a brickyard and grout factory on Congress Street.

Harold slowly began to introduce westerly clothing. There were four or five sewers who made them under the Porter name only. It is interesting that it was not Harold or one of his offspring or relatives who constructed the saddle with the Porter seal in Tucson. Porter's constructed the saddle in the 1920' and presented it to Lee Anderson at the Tucson Rodeo.

He was the forerunner of the fashionable rope saddle. If you were sitting in the Tucson area with a Porter saddle, it means you made something of yourself. I' ve got my grandfather's doorman with his tapaders, around 1929. "A saddler at H. Porter's in Tucson.

In the foreground, Pam Cordier divided a painting of J.L. with the saddle he built for her. It was taken in his back of the Porter's Storefront on Stone Ave in Tucson. Photograph by kind permission of Eddie Hartzell, H. Porters, Tucson, 1971. The Porter outlet in Tucson was always H. Porter, never N. Porter.

" Editor's note: The Tucson Porter brand above definitely looks like "N. Porter Co. J.L. White, Sattler brand, at the H. Porter Boutique on Stone Boulevard in Tucson, Arizona - photograph by kind permission of Pam Cordier. Sheeryl Truher provided this information and the photographs below. 1909 Charles E. Coggshall staff members Clem Kathmann, Frank Jelinek and Bert Coleman purchased Coggshall and founded Miles City Saddlery Co.

Between 1910 and the Depression years of the 1930', up to 40 saddlers worked in Miles City. At this time the closure of the livestock began and the need for calipers decreased accordingly. No one could buy a saddle during the depression.

There were several changes of ownership and Carl Wilson shut down the saddle business in 1982. Jack and Mary Lou Deibel purchased Miles City Saddlery in 1989 and put the saddlery back in business. It is a Miles City #8 Bronco or Contest saddle that was initially for $66 it is made on a Coggshall's Enhanced Roundup Tree and has a 15" wav.

Gail's father was Miles City Saddle, kindly owned by Gail and Jim Kerr. Every manufacturer in Hamley's store had a striking edging around the Circle H brand. Zeitgenössischer Sattler died in 2013. VinCo was a manufacturer from Sacramento, California. The Van Voorhees and Company was founded in 1850.

He was also the head of the Bill Long Saddle School. "He established and first year of saddle training at Spokane Falls Community College before Jesse Smith took up the post. With kind permission of Cole White. The saddle of his grandfather was made in 1969. In 1900 Ernst and his wife and daughter relocated to Sheridan, Wyoming, where he made calipers for George Parmeter, among others.

In 1902 Otto and John P. Buckley opened the Ernst Buckley Saddlery, which lasted until 1907 when Buckley went. Otto's sibling John became the saddlermeister. The company was run until 1975, one year after Ernie's death. Pete Verbeck was borne in 1900 and began his training with Al Moreno at the Al Furstnow saddlery.

Only in 1919 he went to work and Miles City Sattlerei and remained until 1931. 1936 he went back to Furstnow, but went back to work for Miles City Satdlery and later back to Furstnow. He opened his own business, Pete's Saddle Store, in 1947 and made Saddle shoes there until his death in 1976.

His upholstery workshop began in Portland, Oregon in 1878. After his death around 1923, his wife and daughter ran the company until 1927. Photograph by kind permission of Joe Hendricks-Klamath Falls OR. Photograph by kind permission of Kay Mathews. 1914 Clark saddlery Garfield Roundup saddle down, John Clark saddle of the John Clark saddlery Company in Portland Oregon.

We' d be happy if you would send us an email with your idea about the initial use of this lightweight saddle. 23.12.2016 "Have fun browsing your site at the various manufacturers. Her John Clarke-canceled, uncommon saddle is a side-saddle. and some have westerly wings on the stirrups, while others have British iron and leather on them instead.

It arose because Western womens wanted a certain degree of liberty from equestrian practices, but the dangers to human well-being associated with saddling a hard-seated man were still there. An entirely US based innovative product, which in later years was often converted into beautiful little children's seats.

I' m living in South Alberta, Canada, putting in my store and renovating old side valleys, westerns and English. And he saddled in Colorado Springs, Colorado from 1879-1913. Dr. John A. Rathje DVM divided this saddle with us and said: "That saddle was my great-grandfather's. "JW Jenkins & Sons waren bei 76 & 78 E Second South, Salt Lake City, UT.

"Harnesses and saddles of all kinds and everything to do with equestrian equipment. "J. W. Jenkins opened the joinery in the mid-1850s. From 1890-1940 JW Jenkins Jr. ran the company. The other JW Jr. brethren in the store seem to be CH Jenkins and SJ Jenkins. Bill Mackin told us: "The three J.W. Jenkins were in the saddle store in Salt Lake from 1855 to the middle of the 1970s.

Then my new Texas habits gave me a place among the old cattle ranchers who came to the back of the saddle business in the afternoon while the women were shopping. It was a big and beautiful saddle, a turning point and a sports business with weapons. At that time JW III wasn't young, and he didn't do much of the workshop work.

We' ve got two Jenkins seats at the Museum of Northwest Colorado in Craig. The Cowboy and Gunfighter Collection features many ancient seats and a whole range of other ancient seats from renowned saddle stores. "Hermann H. Heiser (1836-1904) was borne in Germany and relocated to the USA, studied saddler' s and tableware making in Wisconsin and opened his own business about two years later.

When he died in 1904, his son ran the company and started diversifying into the emerging automotive world. In 1919 Ewald Heiser purchased his brothers' shares and ran the saddle shop until he sells it to Denver Dry Goods in 1945. Pictures below with kind permission of Mike and Brenda Hale.

More saddlery manufacturer's mark. We' ve put the saddle information below for a Texas tourist. Should you be able to help him to salvage his saddle, please contact him directly at his adress. "and I' m trying to find my saddle, stole in March 2004.

One could place him next to a Windy Ryon, an L. White or a Billy Cook saddle of the moment and NOT distinguish him. This was a "professional horse man" saddle. One of the Billy Cook Feedsstore calipers you're seeing now. This saddle had EXTREME abrasion when it was stole, but it hadn't been rode since I stopped exercising race horses in the late'70s.

I' ve been looking for it for 6 years and will be paying a $1,000 bounty for the saddle's returned and another $1,000 for the name of the guy who took it. One metric weight unit of different property was taken when this saddle was taken, but the saddle was FIRREPLACEABLE.

I' ve found a saddle VERY SOME and added some pictures. The saddle is a bit different, it is an "Ashcraft All Around" and seems to have a "Low Down Roper tree". Most of the main differences between the saddle in the picture and mine is that I didn't have so much "swelling" on the front forks.

Now I can't and I probably never will again, but I want the saddle back. That saddle was stole during our thirty robbery here in Ellis County.

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