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Read SaddleOnline Reviews | Customer Service Reviews from Order this saddle on Wednesday and get in Canada on the following Tuesday. Calling the firm in person to look for a particular item I didn't see on the site. The saddle came in perfectly shallow and wrongly shaped. Then the saddle was flattened and the saddle came in and looked absolutely shallow and of course too broad.

Totally wasted your cash, poor workmanship, no chance of matching your stallion. This saddle wouldn't even hold a draught on a horse. The back was broader and very difficult to firm on my saddle and the stapes were longer than shown in the photo, I will need a smaller children's playground to use on my saddle and the chest collars were too big.

So I sent a withers chase to Franchesca that works for Saddleonline and it's the route to the pedigree. Ask for her because she goes with my perfect steed! Buying a nice colored drum saddle and it goes better with my db than any of the $1000 or more pads I've tried!

Well, we didn't expect much for a low price saddle. To our amazement the saddle looks and feels great, our little girl likes it more than the coach saddle. We' re gonna order another saddle for our other girl soon. Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear Dear my new general use kit. I ordered my saddle on Friday and had it on my saddle on Tuesday.

The saddle suits like a real nightmare and is so comfortable. This is not the case with Sattelline. Oh, I just loved my new saddle! I' ve been looking for a saddle for some time now. I was looking for a used saddle and because of the prize I got a new saddle with the desired looks and colours.

Oh, I just loved my new saddle! Many thanks to saddleonline for a great show saddle. When I saw her Blitz saddle, provided by Dash Saddle, I felt in a passion for it. On the saddle I was saving 500 dollars and got 200 dollars of headpiece rein and chest collars for free. and let me tell you that the saddle does feel and looks no less than $3000.0.

A saddle I adore and thank Saddleonline for the offer of one of the most original ones I have ever seen. If you like this saddle, I would suggest you order it in advance as it will take some getting through. I' ve just received my new saddle from saddle online. On the phone I phoned to get help and see which one would be the best saddle for my saddle.

They had me do a withers pursuit and sent him in to make sure the saddle I had chosen matched my saddle. The Crystal Carved Brown Barrel Racing horse Saddle just looks great on the photo, I also liked the raw leather bugle and the cantle very much.

99, the saddle took about 5 whole day to get to me. Also I had a girth and cushion to fit my new saddle and they were just as beautiful. All in all, my online saddle buying adventure was great and simple.

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