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Female Dolce Vita riding boot, saddle, 5.5 Mon US

The nonchalantly fashionable Dolce Vita setting introduced in 2001 led to shoes and apparel collections that are easily classy and pleasantly coquettish. The presentation of fancy looks ascribed to the label's own contemporary music - the young, tireless and dolce vita glamour - has created a serious following and has become a favourite everywhere.

Softener, restorer & protector for saddles, riding boots, velcro fastener

Together we manufacture, tag, promote and resell every single Lord Leather Conditioner can. So, if you buy Lord Leather Conditioner for Tack and Boots, you know you'll help us honour our grandfather and build a shop for our two youngsters. Riding is our great love.

You' ll be spending innumerable hrs exploring top saddle, staple and riding equipment makes. You' re spending innumerable amounts of our hard-earned funds on equipping your loved one. So why not devote less than 1% of the cash you spent on your equipment to make sure it looks astonishing for years?

London Hair is a fluid, oil-based conditioning and preserving agent for the maintenance and preservation of leathers. Featuring a high performance, non-toxic conditioning agent, it preserves and maintains the power, appearance and versatility of old and new leathers. The Lord Skin conditioner provides a protection layer that seals off the harmful effect of mould, powdery mildew, exposure to the elements, exposure to the elements, exposure to the elements, exposure to the elements and everyday use.

When you want to soothe, care and preserve your leathers, then you've come to the right place. Some of the Lord leather conditioner's outstanding properties:

Riding boots, boots, saddle pads & accessories

Cavallo Trek Boots is loved by Emma and her family. Like Emma says: "Her boots make such a big deal in her education, now we can go anyplace! "This year Emma travels Scotland with a crew of unbridled and saddled and halterless babies, but all of them will be on Cavallos!

With the Cavallo pad, Doug has been driving the new Doug for four years now and likes the new model because it offers more storage space where it counts: under the seat posts. It has always enjoys the long-lasting, lightweight Cavallo padding, which promotes the horse's mobility and allows the shoulder blade to move while balancing out variations in saddle fitting and enhancing riding and riding comforts.

The Doug team' s achievement is built on his enthusiasm for exchanging information that helps them solve their challenges. It knows how to monitor the mental and bodily condition of the animals it is riding. He shares his love of equine psyche and its innate nature with his schoolchildren. It also imparts security expertise in dealing with violent or hazardous ponies and assists its pupils as a tutor and coaches.

To be a willing mate, Doug realizes that the mare has to be comfy. The Cavallo pad is recommended by Doug to increase the resistance-free communications with your equine. Since she was 12 years old, she has been cutting ponies and now has her own customers. Your mare, Demo, came to her as'Nuts' and'Crippled', but Brittany has restored him to a lucky, wholesome and healthful jumper.

She' likes to study every single working days by bumping into new hooves' and says that she' is thrilled to see the bare-foot motion growing more and more'. Their sire, who shoed all his hoofs himself, was also the president of the NZ-Springverein. A few years ago, thanks to an unhappy riding incident for Brittany, Mom and Dad came across the worlds of barefooted and natural horsemanship and never returned.

A fervent bare-footed equine fanatic, Shan works hard to encourage the bare-foot movement in her area by assisting other equine breeders with cutting hoofs and teaching kids about the advantages of a bare-foot life style for them. He is a member of a community riding group and has organised an AEBM funded award for "Best Performanceed Barfoot Horse" in a community gym khana.

He is currently working on a video disc that will explain how to maximise the movements of the horse in a minimal area. The name and descriptions of the horses: Qarramar Mystique (Myst) - 16:2h, 7 yo Cleveland Bay Sporthorse filly; WES Mon Cherie (Cherie) - 16:1 hr, 6yo Percheron/Holsteiner/TB filly; Noble Knight (Clive) - 16 hr, 22 yo Percheron/TB Wallach and Jobina Ringer (Gamma) - 16 hr, 19 yo STB/TB Wallach:

HRCAV - Dressage'In 2002 we were reading an articel in the HRCAV-Newsletter Chaff Chat with the title "The Harmful Effects of Shoeing" by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser. It felt like we didn't want our horse to be exposed to this damage if there was any fact in this story. After about 6 month we decide to find out more about'barefoot'.

Peter visited a 3-day Strasser training and took over the trim of our stallions. In July 2003 Julie Leitl came for the first time to judge our ponies and to verify if Peter was on the right way with his strut. Since then she's been cutting our ponies and we won't let her go!

Our ponies never took a slow pace being barefooted, and our unhealthy Gamma sent into early retirements was restored to health and to work. Both of us competed in the HRCAV on our bare-footed ponies. At the moment Peter is on his mildew filly Cherie in the class 3 test, after scoring in 6 month with only restricted excursions through the class 4.

On Clive, Kerryn passed the 2nd class test for young horse riding before Retired at the age of 22 (and still healthy) to ride and train Myst, a young filly that we made. In these hospitals we have seen a fast rise in the number of bare-footed ponies, so that now very often more than 50% of the participating ponies are without boots!

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