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Besides saddles we also offer a variety of saddle accessories. Australian saddles, Australian saddles, Australian saddles, trail saddles, horse saddles, endurance saddles, oil jackets, Australian hats. The Billy Cook Show Saddle Set AMTS's saddle adjustment kits simplify this process as much as possible to make even the most difficult to mount horses into a tree that fits your horse perfectly. Complete synthetic Daslo Pony saddle set.

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Only very few individuals find reasonably priced, real Swarovski Kristall Conchos offers on-line for their calipers as large on-line portals promise something and deliver completely different. Have a look at the sales offers of the Conchos and give your saddle a new look! We' re specialized in a large selection of saddle conchos, among them Bright Silver Conchos, Antique Silver Conchos and Conchos that enrich the beautifulness of your saddle.

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Allegany Mountain Custom Western Trail Saddles in South Wales 14139

The Allegany Mountain Track Saddle (AMTS) is the best resource for tailor-made westerns. Every one of our tailor-made polyester calipers is meticulously tailored to you and your horses. Our main emphasis is on the production of light, comfortably light trailsaddles that can withstand years of use even under the harshest operating environments.

Handcrafted, our professional design westernsaddles offer a life-long driving fun with optimal comforts. Equestrianism is so much more pleasant when you know that your horses are comfy. Made-to-measure saddle is a significant capital expenditure and we at AMTS appreciate this very important choice.

The right fitting between saddle, horses and riders is crucial for the overall rideability. Due to our emphasis on driving pleasure and safety we primarily use saddle booms from Steele Saddle Tree, LLC for all our seats. For over 150 years Steele has been making saddlebacks and is the acknowledged guide and authoritative in this area.

Its saddle tree offers a wide variety of adjustment possibilities and the versatility to choose from an infinite variety of shapes and sizes to suit the dimensions and shapes of your horses and your style of saddlebacking. Each saddle is handmade here in the USA. We have a team of skilled upholsterers who will incorporate the highest standards of craftsmanship into the entire saddle making chain, from selecting the right leathers and equipment to trimming, stitching and fit.

Every one of our calipers is tailored to you and your saddle. AMTS's saddle fittings make this as easy as possible to make even the most difficult to mount trees to suit your particular equine. The Allegany Mountain Trail saddle has one of the most detailed saddle adjustment method.

We' re working with you in person to make sure you get the best possible shape for your saddle and to give you a saddle that you like! Please call us at (716) 652-0680 to arrange a suitable hospital for your group or group. When you are not interested in a special production, we also provide some running calipers, both new and slightly used.

Quarter horses are available in the Quarter Horses Bars saddle, Gang saddle, Drafted saddle, Mum saddle, Custom Tacks to fit your saddle and much more in our on-line Stack Store!

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