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Cheap prices and a wide selection of Western saddles and horses from Mary's Tack & Feed. Store online at Mary's for all your western saddle and tack needs. has saddles, tack, and all kinds of accessories for all kinds of riders.

Westernsaddle and bridle

Westernsadtel and the equestrian equipment reflect the working relation between horses and riders. Since the first few saddle rides about 4000 years ago, undaunted riders arose. In the course of the years, enhancements due to the need have contributed to the fact that the basic saddle cover has developed into basic leathers. Saddle with stirrup facilitated the art of saddle hunt, combat and general rideability.

When the relation between the horse and the human became a tremendous strength, the way of horseback rides changed and improved. The equestrian equipment ranges from calipers and stapes to bridle, headstall and rein. Today's Westernsattel arose from the needs of the Spaniards, the vaquero es or cowboy, who were in charge of animal husbandry.

Across civilisation, tacks and calipers have been adapted to the different tasks of the rider and sadd. Mary's Tack and Feed has a range of tacks and calipers to suit every type of equestrian sport, as well as the easy pleasure of horseback rides. You' ll like the wide range of westernsaddles.

All riders know that it is important that the saddle fits perfectly for the saddle as well as for the saddle. It is particularly important if the horseman sits for a long period in the saddle, rides over impassable ground or takes part in competitions. You' ll find a turning point that' s great for drum races, livestock races, west pleasure courses or a relaxing afternoons on the trails to enjoy the outdoors.

If you need a work saddle for daily use on the farm or one to highlight you in a horse show, at Mary's Tack and Feed you will find exactly what you are looking for. Select between calipers or plastic calipers, with basic design or classical tools and Concho.

The saddle is suitable for every purse as well as for the needs of westernriding. Mary's Tack and Feed in Del Mar, CA has been providing the best equestrian gear to horse backers since 1963. And, thanks to the comfort of the web, saddle and tack choices are also available to those outside the Golden State.

This saddle has really had a long trip since its beginnings hundreds of years ago. Today, the rider is lucky enough to profit from all the excellent characteristics of the Westernsaddle's ride quality and efficiency.

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