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All our western tacks and accessories are competitively priced and manufactured by high-quality western tack manufacturers. You can choose between running, English, shooting, mule, ranch, pureer, rope or trail saddle with saddles, tack and all kinds of accessories for all kinds of riders. Western Show saddle for sale. Wide selection of wool saddle pads, bridles, halter, team rope equipment and ranch accessories. Tack, riding gear &


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Paul Taylor, our name cousin, was a cattle man from Irving, Texas. As a result of the North Texas Horses Country, also known as Horses Country, USA, the market has grown severalfold. With up to 1,200 calipers and a large selection of equestrian accessories, our company is not only aimed at professionals, but also at equestrian users who want to shop for the first tim.

Every used saddle is carefully checked for damage. Gladly we would like to sell you further photos of used seats. Shipment costs are exactly what the carrier tells us due to the container's dimensions and weights.

High-quality used calipers

Email: handpicked choice of high quality used calipers. We offer only the best used CWDs, Voltaire, Antares, Devoucoux, Butet & more. We aim to offer you outstanding services and attentiveness as we help you find the right fitting. Join us to find the best used high-end and high-end seats at the best price!

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LaSH's sales page is aimed at members who are in good esteem with the team.

LaSH's sales page is aimed at members who are in good esteem with the team. Articles we can offer for sale are tacks, ponies, horseboxes, trailer or anything else related to the horse industries that we consider appropriate. We reserve the right to refuse all articles offered for sale. place because of their publication on our website.

Sales prices and full descriptions of the items for sale. An image of the article sale. Sellers and interested parties can share further images in person for further images. Full details of contacts included: Your name, phone number, e-mail and the best possible moment to get in touch with the purchaser. Advertisement costs $20 for 90 days.

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