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Everything from trophy belt buckles to ranch saddles. The Saddles Plus is a leader in horse saddles and accessories, offering the best service with the best products and hiring you for the best shopping experience.

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Sending us your shipment and/or trade-in today! Semitrailers must be in good shape, free of mould and stains. If your saddle is cleaned, we can resell it any time! All necessary reparations must be finished and payed before the saddle is shipped. NO simple flaps, dark horses, dirt and/or mould, or saddle in need of service or not.

For more information about trade-ins, please read our FAQ's. Look at these other great calipers!

Tailor-made, handmade saddles, the best for your horse's back

One of the few saddlers in the word to produce their own tree, County is setting the industrial standards in terms of style and invention. While our conventional techniques take longer and demand a higher level of craftmanship, once you are in a county saddle, we know that the results are clearly rewarding.

While we make calipers for many of the world's top saddlers, our dedication to detail and workmanship is evident in each of our calipers, even the one we make for you.

More than 250 new and used calipers in store!

More than 250 new and used calipers in store! Please contact us to find the right gear for your chosen sport! We have a wide range of tacks for you to see, from trailer rides to show pens! This is Helen, the new christian here. We' ve got great exercise machines for the little prince in your whole lifetime.

Skout' in the shop studying but would rather ride Sprinting Nancy.

Pilot Point, TX Retail Tack Store

We have 60-years of riding and saddle collecting expertise. Our passion is not only for the horse, but also for the affordability and accessibility of handcrafted and handcrafted calipers. Customers select us for our comprehensive range of SRS and Brazos calipers used by pros around the globe.

From modest beginnings in the center of Horse Country, USA, our small stock has expanded to over 700 wholesaler bank offices around the world and has earned us the name of the biggest family-owned retailer. Visit our webshop today or buy now.

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