Saddlebred Horses

Saddle horses

Due to its special mixture of intelligence, sportiness and beauty, the saddle horse is a versatile horse. His beauty and spirit make him well suited for show ring, saddle, western, riding, jumping and even dressage competitions. An American saddle horse. Horse breed. The American Saddlebred Horse, also known as the American Saddle Horse, is a riding horse breed that has several simple riding straights and a lot of strength and style.

He is the predominant riding horse of the horse demonstrations in the United States.

North American saddle horse breed profile

Ambler was brought to the New World by trailblazers and selectively bred in the Narragansett Bay area to become a slightly larger, more sophisticated animal known as Narragansett Pacer. The name was later altered to Kentucky Saddler, and with the founding of the American Saddlebreed horse Association Inc. in 1891 - the first register for equine rearing in the USA - he was re-named American Saddlebred in honor of his national race designation.

The saddle horse has taken over the Trot from its thoroughbred pedigree, a gear on which it has enormously advanced. Of Ambler descent, he has preserved the age-old capacity for "strolling", which he has honed into two additional gears, the slow one and the rack. They are both "wandering" paces as they move one step on the floor after the other, in a four-stroke cycle that provides a gentle, seemless drive.

Slower gear is not slower, but runs at about 20-25 mb; rack at 35 mb. The most saddle races come into a wonderful stroll, very brisk and quick - 6-8 Moh. American saddle horses stand between 15 and 16.2 hh. The American saddle horses are mainly chestnuts in all their hues, but also come in browns, blacks, browns, browns, palominos, pintos and greys.

American saddle-breeding has a slender, sophisticated mind with large, sincere eyes, a long, erect throat, low, falling, athletic shoulder, a good, low run, sturdy hind quarters with flat rump, long, sophisticated feet. American Saddlebred has a high step movement with sturdy, resilient ankle joints. A standard American thoroughbred is attentive, smart, eagerly and gently, but can also be fire.

In the USA the saddlebred is mainly used as a showpiece, where it has its own unique showring entertaining and presenting styles, but saddlebreds can be used for any sport. The horses have distinguished themselves in show jump, training, endurance, coach rides and as riders for families.

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