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Buy and sell America saddle breeders It is a homemade by Carriage Lane and comes from I'm a Lucky Charm and from the former CLF Fine Harness WC filly Metro Heirea. As a representative of the Carriage Lane breed programme, Tipsy Parson belongs to the Locksley Ltd Co. With Callaway's Northern Kiss and from our dear ÖRK CH In My Heart, Tipsy made his Midwest debut in 2016 with the 3-year-old Three-Gait Blu and recently won the Novice Three-Gaited gold medal at the Pro-Am 2017.

She' s smart, friendly and gifted and will make her amateur three-gait début this year. Having led to a Junior Five-Gaited victory at KY Case in 2016, she switched to the Open Divison in 2017 and ended up winning and reserving at Bonnie Blue National. In 2017, the four-year-old makes an impressing statement, having already achieved three victories and two clearances.

At Pro-Am Coco won the Junior Park Pleasure Championship to begin the Junior Park Pleasure Grand Championship in Bonnie Blue and the Junior/Limit Triicolor in Blue Ridge. Breeding and rearing in Carriage Lane, he currently plays in the Open Three-Gaited Division, where he won the Reserve World's Champion and Reserve National Champion titles in 2015 and achieved 5 victories and 3 reservations in 2016.

Produced by Periaptor and out of the Carriage Lane filly, Callaway's Carey Shannon, this lovely cove with gooseneck, balance of movement and character, which corresponds to his name, belongs to Betsy Thomas, Baton Rouge, LA.

SBR is a truly one-of-a-kind salvation that combines the thought and action of a show barn with the reality of the distress of today's undesirable horse.

is a truly singular salvation that combines the thought and action of a show barn with the reality of the distress of today's undesirable breed. In our programme, we buy all our stallions mainly from auction and sale where they have been slaughtered. Our own personal training coach works with each and every animal to develop and implement a training programme that helps the animal to be as adoptive as possible.

Every one of the horses in our programme is assessed by two experienced instructors before being placed. Our operations are based in New Jersey only. We have our only rehabilitation facility in New Jersey, right on I 80 near the Delaware Water Gap. It'?s a national adoptive scheme. Every SBR is in a life programme and always has the possibility to return to SBR if the adopting person's conditions should improve.

Do not work with care institutions outside of New Jersey. At SBR, we encourage any prospective user to come to our Northwest New Jersey site and try out any of our resources that may be a prospective counterpart. Our instructors will work with you to help you better understand your needs and choose a suitable product.

Our experts work every single working day on improving the maintenance, education and communication of our resources.

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