Saddles and harnesses for horses. Saddles, harness and other leather equipment for horses. In the numerous equestrian shops, saddlery shops and riding centres of the region you will find everything for horse and rider. Riding clothes, breeches, breeches, riding clothes, riding fashion, riding shirts, fashion T-shirts. Take a look at our extensive range of saddle pads, numbers, straps, stirrups, irons and steps.

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Equipments, such as saddle and harness, for the horse. It' a store that deals turning points. Craftsmanship or trade of the person who manufactures or markets turning points. Fifth Edition American Heritage® English Language Dictionary. Copyrighted © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag. 1st Equestrian aids, harness and other equestrian gear.

The work or workshop of a upholsterer. Nuclear College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyrights 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc.

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There are six auctions, joking and haggling through a series of ancient ploughs, manual handle maytags, saddler's shop and a few Hummerfallen. It is also famous for its leather goods (belts, harness, shoes, etc.). It is also famous for its leather goods (belts, harness, shoes, etc.). Around the turn of the 20th and 20th centuries, when the horse and buggy turned into a car, Mark Cross turned away from saddler y and began to deliver baggage.

The Hermès is a centuries-old saddler's workshop that once served the coach business. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources in order to show the actual use of the term "saddlery". Why did you look up saddler's goods?

Saddlery Carousel - 32 reviews - Horse Equipment Shops - 884 Portola Rd, Portola Valley, CA - Telephone number

So I went to the merry-go-round to buy some paddocking shoes. As I' ve seen in other reviews - bad client services. Quite disappointingly to go in there and try on a helmet and get little or no notice from the lady. I was in about two week before purchasing 200 dollars Clipper and got a similar post.

They' re still my last option, considering they're the only unstore. I' ve got two ponies and I'm a frequent visitor in the saddle shops, but after this trip I probably won't be coming back.... clients who come to this shop will probably make big buys that you would think might at least be useful or inviting.

One thing small shopkeepers like this don't get is that the personal buying experiences are just that - a wish to help small business and pay my hard-earned dollars onsite. It should not make me think I am mad to ask for help or advice in the choice between trademarks.

Large choice in view of the small scale of the shop and the amount of information was great. I have been here many times over the years ONLY because there is no other turn-/horse clothing stores around. I' ve been a faithful client. Did you buy several fences, shoes, helmets, seat cushions, harnesses and even seats from here! However, every now and then I go in, I have felt unwell, ignored, got impolite oral services and even eyebrows.

A few earlier critiques were about bad customer support, but I got very good customer support. They gave me a lot of good suggestions. It' a good idea to buy the goods. I was walking during the last opening times and was not handled as if I was taking up too much of my work. And I don't think the price is higher than that of other saddlers in the area, and you can't even match it with on-line pricing.

Careousel is a great specialist store for riding clothes. Nicole, the proprietor, always has a large choice of the newest and best sport clothes, shoes and helms and everything a lover of horses needs. For my part, I would rather be spending my funds on the spot, especially as Carousel is one of the few bricks and mortars stores that still exist in the Bay Area.

A great choice, great services, I'll be back! A great place to get riding equipment: clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Large store containing all the difficult to find objects for the horse sport community. They' re wearing calipers, provisions, goodies, playthings and clothes. There' s a perilously good range of clothes, pockets, waistbands and jewellery.

Pricing is not competitively priced and client services are bad. Some of the things we purchased there were all a disappointment: shoes that had a damaged zip after just a few month; trousers that had shrunken. It is a very popular poster site and I share the view that the amount you are going to pay determines the level of services you will receive.

We recently bought paddle boot from this shop. There was very little help with sizing - in fact, they put a couple of shoes in front of my girl and left. I' m all for helping your business, but they have to get the same great client service that I can get on-line, or why the trouble!

Amazon, Zappos and Dover all have 100% customer happiness warranties and take back our shoes without question. Replaced it with a new Ariat shoe. Though you may find some of our product line more cheaply if you know what you are looking for, nothing can replace the attentiveness to the services of a retail outlet.

It is located next to a food and animal supplies supermarket, which is very practical. A great online retailer with an exquisite range of clothes, gear and accessoires. The services I got during my two trips were very impressive. It was a very good choice and my man noticed.

Having read the other reports, I accept the awards are at the top end, but this is an Englishman staple store in Portola Valley so anyone is amazed? They make up for their lack of thefts in terms of after sales services. So I went to inspect my calipers on commission and buy a new set of SSG mittens and spores.

Also, she proposed a care product for my new seat that would make the leathers smooth and softer. Most importantly, a few week later, she phoned me to let me know that they were selling one of my seats for almost any of them. This is a good place to buy a seat and inform yourself about new developments.

She was very competent, supportive and about the kindest man I met in a retailer. I used her to help me pick out my boot, hats, pants and mittens. It' a great little shop with everything you need for horse riding and recreation.

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