upholstery workshop

Harness definition, saddles, harnesses and other equipment for horses. Suitable for all brands of dressage and jumping saddles. upholstery workshop Substantive, several calipers, harness and other equestrian equipments. the work, the store or the store of a upholsterer. His amazement grew when he recognized the saddlery as American.

and saddlery doesn't interest you. On the next morning we were given our saddlery and stables outfit.

And of course you have your own saddlery and equipment of this kind. Douglas had to take care of some saddlery business and reply to Grace's note.

Who we are

We are staffed by a team of horses who are kind, competent and well-versed. All of them are currently working in the group. We will be happy to advise you on the best choice of equestrian and equestrian care for you. In our shop in Ringoes, New Jersey, we stock a range of exquisite new saddle, bridle and exercise tack.

Here you will find high-quality fences, individual headbands, training shoes, seat cushions and much more. You can be measured by our experts for individual King or Cavallo high heels. Take a seat in our large range of high-quality new and used show jumpers and training jumpers and take one home and try out our seven-day try.

Western- tack & saddlery

At Smith & Edwards you will find everything you need to equip your horses - for track rides and packs, rodeos, work, practice and much more. You know what you want, because we use this nail ourselves! We' re expert writers at the Westerns and we even manufacture part of them in our shop in Ogden, Utah.

You will find so many different kinds of leathers for your saddle, from headpiece to holster, from cinch to stirrup, that you will not believe it. For your hard-working ponies and burros we have leathers in different shapes and dimensions. Do you have any question about our Westernsack? Call us at 801-731-1120 and Marty and the staff will be glad to help you choose the nail that's best for you.

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