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About Schneider Saddlery. Here you will find saddles for dressage, jumping, eventing and much more! The saddlery of Dan's horses.

machin->made in the USA

Are you looking for saddles and tacks for your business? So much more; saddles, saddlebags, hardware, pads, bedding, blankets, care products, stable accessories, horn bags, saddlebags & much more! This is just a small selection of the articles we can deliver to your business and your clients.

Do you need a trophiesaddle? In addition, more and more clients are using trophies for home ranching, business courtesies, retirements or bonuses. 800-251-7288 to help you choose the right seat for your trophiesaddle! Few of our calipers ever need repair, but if they do, we can do repair work quickly and effectively right here in our work.

We will be glad to work with you to get your out-of-warranty calf back on your bike as soon as possible - just get in touch with us for your repairs. -614 Totally nut option! Quarter horses include Saddles, Full Quarter Horses, Draft, Gaited, Arabs, Haflinger. Adding the fitting option with colour, size of seats and other variants results in a grand total of 614 seats from our catalogue!

A million Made in the USA saddles sold proves that we have happy clients! Horselovers!

Selected collectibles

If you need bridles or bridles, we will satisfy your needs. With our superior qualitiy, innovative approach, expertise and great pricing, we are the best place to buy for all your equitation needs! We' re very proud of our business, our client services and our product range.

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Temporary sales! Temporary sales! Gulf Poley is a sturdy ranching and trailing horse that has been developed for years of use. It is made of variable timber and stainless steal, the seating surface is suitable for long journeys with a..... Marchog General Purpose English saddle has the boom and structure of the Marchog General Purpose English Saddle, but with specially refined leath!

This is a well crafted, deeply set in England and..... Temporary sale! A great waistcoat for licence holders! This covered waistcoat made of robust materials is water - and wind proof and offers functionality and elegance in one..... Temporary sale! Survivor Poley Mark II has 4 3/4" kneepads, a 5" dipper in a weave-sprung fit and is mounted on an aluminium arm.

Temporary sale! This is a great waistcoat for licence holders! This covered carrying waistcoat made of robust materials is water-repellent and wind-proof and offers a high wearing comfort...... Temporary sale!

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