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Mary's Tack and Feed shop for great deals on western stirrups and saddle accessories from brands like Kensington and Big D. TSC carries horse saddles, rugs, cinches, collars, bags, pads and stirrups. The choice of saddle accessories is almost as much fun as the choice of saddle. The Freedman saddles are handmade by world-renowned masters to provide you and your horse with the ultimate in comfort, performance and quality. Home;

Saddles & Tack. Western Bareback Pads, saddle pads online, animal print saddle pads, saddle bags, Showman stirrups, Roper style saddle pads, Showman saddle pads. Every saddle is made individually according to your wishes, although we try to keep some common sizes and colours in stock for these people in a hurry.

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Choosing the right accessories can make your seat unique. There are as many choices to chose from as there are different saddles. Customise your seat with accessories to suit your needs and tastes. Certain accessories are practical, others are just for decoration.

The majority are available in a large range of fabrics, prices, shapes as well as dimensions. Please click on the accessories below to find out more about its use and the various available accessories. Receive the latest Westerns saddling advice, information and updates directly to your e-mail account.

Souvenir Saddles and Bars

I would like to be added to your preferred seller lists and often visited as I often update my site with new products. Thanks for visiting my shop and I look forward to having you as a client soon! Hand painted Showman Pony Feather Wither Strap Scissors Snap Ends adjusted 19"-24" Only 1 more!

Anti-Slip Neoprene Girth Gel Center 28" 30" 32" 34" 36" Only 1 more! Beautiful Showman Floral Tooled Leather Saddlebag with Cross Design!

Seats & Accessories

Every seat is made individually according to your wishes, although we try to keep some common colours and size in haste. Each model is equipped with our customizable fitting system, which allows you to customize your horses exactly. With our proprietary system, you can set all three aspects of seat shape, width, curve and angles separately.

Each of our saddles has three different locations for hanging your stirrups or mudguards. Sensation provides the best of both the West and England saddle style....... What's the sensation? There are so many tree free saddles on the marked, why should you decide for the Sensation saddle?

And you can rely on the highest possible level of serviceability. The saddles are made of high grade leathers that provide several thousand kilometres of comfortable use. Of course, your mare. The only tree free rider equipped with a multi-point handle. That means a better balance of your horse's weights, especially important if you ride long and tough.

If your Sensation semi-trailer is placed in tough conditions or in the stamina suspension, you can expect an even better load balance than with a wooden semi-trailer. Removing the boom from the seat does not make it a treeless seat - well thought-out technology and a newly designed system of distributing the load makes it a real treeless seat and not just a Bareback Pads with stirrup.

Every Sensation semi-trailer is individually tailored to your needs. What makes you think you can only be ridden in color? Select the parts you like best and match them to your ideal seat. All horses and riders are different and Sensation provides a multitude of leather and seat size variations, flap shapes, cantel, knob and rig settings, etc.

Our goal is to make sure you have the best bike for your needs, and almost anything is possible. Full comfort and connectivity. Sensation Ride saddles are ergonomic to give the driver a tight, snug, comfortable (but adjustable) fit with medicinal foam, high-quality special felt, woollen and genuine leathers.

The same material allows an airflow through the seat layer; your horse's breathing activity is important for his wellbeing and we believe that wetsuits and rubber simply do not work in such a way that warmth and humidity can be exhausted. Sensation saddles adapt to you and your horses.

There are no hardened parts in our saddles! It adapts to you like a delicate cowhide boot. Give us a call or mail us for different types and dimensions of free shaped saddles. Free shape tree free saddles are an outstanding example of saddles in the 21. century. Made in Italy by Le Selle Italiane, a small Italian small business, the saddles are made with the best quality material and workmanship that Italy has to boast.

The Selle Italiane is the first saddlery to use the advanced technique of moulded foams to make a full seat, not just small parts of it - a real revolutionary in the field of saddling. Not only does this give the Freeform saddles their qualities and haptics, it also creates a symmetrical seat centre and allows the saddles to keep up with the contour of the horses without having to rely on the enforced form of a stiff seatpost.

All Freeform saddles have a clear advantage for many mounts and horsemen due to their singularity. It has a 7 pound light, breathing cellular material heart. These saddles are flexible and allow the saddle to move freely, inspiring the saddle to move as if it were natural and to give the saddle a feeling of closeness.

That gives horses and riders a much more relaxed ride. Though the saddles are fully elastic, they have an outstanding balance of weights, making them the perfect trade-off between a barback and a tree nut. Integration of the "flexi-front" front end of the chair supports the withers and adapts itself to the movements and form of the horses.

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