Saddles for Horses

Seats for horses

Trekking King Series Gaited RND Synthetic Saddle. There is a wide range of dressage and jumping saddles from top brands. It can be difficult to find a saddle that fits you and your horse.

What do saddles costs?

An equestrian calliper is a supporting construction made of leathers, which is attached to the back of the equine to provide assistance to the horseman. State-of-the-art saddles are available in a wide range of finishes and design; they need a perfect fitting for both riders and horses. If cared for correctly, saddles can often be used for many years.

What do saddles for? Seats vary in value from a few hundred to several thousand bucks. Renowned saddlers are selling a wide selection of saddles in a wide selection of designs, fittings and specification. They do not usually resell customer-specific saddles - you need to buy what is available from their stock. Off-the-reack tastes are often in the hundred of bucks.

The new saddles can be found for less than $500, but they are often of bad qualitiy, especially the leathers and mountings. Tailor-made saddles are more costly and can be sold for tens of millions of dollars, according to the seat's designs and finish. Second-hand saddles are an economical choice with a large number of points.

You can often find them in farm shops, riding centres or saddlery shops where used saddles are sold. Whilst many firms have web sites and saddles for sale on-line, it is advisable that a saddling specialist help to find the right size. Don't be deceived, especially on westernsaddles, by artistic carvings and unusual whitewash.

Extremely pricey show saddles have genuine silvery mountings and tools made by handicrafts. Low-priced metal hardware and machined leathers can be a distraction from a bad nut. High-grade saddles are made of finest calfskin. It has small pore size and the nut is sleek and soft to the touch.

Low-grade leathers have noticeable, rough pore and feel more like carton. Individual saddles are made by saddlers. They take impressions from you and your horses to make sure your rider fits as accurately as possible and to your spec. Customer specific saddles are assessed in tens of dollars.

When you have a hard to match or are a serious rider, a tailor-made rider can be worthwhile. Today the two most commonly used saddles are the British and the Westernsattel. British saddles are used for races, polos, equestrian sports competitions, show jumps and all kinds of competitive competitions.

These saddles are characterised by their shallow design, the self-cushioned cushions that lie on the horse's sides and no horns on the saddles. Westernsaddle were initially developed for use on beef farms. It is still used today on runs, in rodeo and for other westernriding activites.

There is no need to use this kind of paddle with a pads or comforter. On the front of a westernsaddle the bugle is the most striking characteristic and differentiates it from an British one. Initially the bugle was used with a rappeling beef.

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