Saddles for Sale Online

Seats for sale online

The skirt of this western saddle is rounded and perfect for shorter horse backs! FULL-BLOOD-EXPRESS-TACK-SALE LLC. Please send us saddle information or contact us in the following way: Complete our online saddle information upload form and send us pictures of used saddles.

Let us advise you to give your saddles an incomparable charisma.

Let us advise you to give your saddles an incomparable charisma. Are you interested in your rider by our expert "horse people" team? We charge 25% for saddles sold for over $500. We charge 30% for saddles sold for less than $500. Gifts cards option: When you select the Present Credit Note options, you may at no time get a part of the sale amount in either money or by cheque.

Credit remains on the greeting cards until it is used up. Gifts cards are only available for saddles shipped at $500 or less. I' d like to hand over my seat. Fill out the form - To enable us to ship your order, please complete our online shipment form as accurately as possible.

We' ve got all the necessary equipment and equipment, so let's work on making your bike as good as possible. The details of your semi-trailer include: Or you can indicate your number on your delivery note or call us as soon as we receive the pad.

If you have an opinion about how much you would like to get for your bike, we would like to know! However, some folks like to take less and quickly sale a seat, while others like a possible longer waiting period to get as much as possible. Please indicate on the order confirmation if you would like to get a certain amount from the sale of your pad.

Leaving this field empty, we will take it for granted that you would like a consultation and call you after receiving your harn. If your seat has a situation that can be resolved to make it reusable, we will call you to find out if you want it mended.

In case the seat is damaged or the seat is unsteady and cannot be fixed, the seat will be refunded at your cost. Please call or write us an emailed message to get a quotation before you ship your semi. If you have any further enquiries or queries regarding delivery, please contact us by e-mail.

Include a copy of the following contact sheet with your horse!

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