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One of the largest saddle programmes in the UK and Ireland. Sättel Direct - Used Saddles, Dressage Saddles, Even-Saddles, GP/VSD-Saddles, Jumping Saddles, Pony Saddles, Show Saddles, Side Saddles and more....

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When you are looking for a new seat or a seat for a new equine, then I ask you to read on! Nowadays it can be hard and costly to buy the most important part of the equipment for your equine. The most important part of all our ponies deserves to be on a well crafted nutpole.

Important notice for all visitors* Most saddles on this page are for individual use.

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Isabell Werth Wintec training caliper in ebony... It is the best first training caliper. One-flap Jumping Caliper MW 17. "5 "5" British calfskin, well made older styled mono-fl. SWISS NEW NON SLIP Micro BAREBACK PAD with free belt and kit. Album K2 Legend Jumping Nut. Adjustable by your upholsterer for the best possible fitting.

17 " Schwarzer Vintec Isabell Werth Dressage Jumper. The Bates Caprilli Cair System is for sale in dark grey calfskin. Vintec GP Seat 17. 17 inch braun GP seat made of Jeffries genuine calfskin. but I' m insecure without checking a nut. Ordinary abrasion, as you can expect from a well used old seat, as you can see in the photos, but still has a lot of lives on it.

It can be changed by the upholsterer. Now is the purchase of both saddles. 17 " Silhouette Show saddles extended from XW to *fast* XXW by AH Saddles. It' an extreme sadness to part with this one! Also the form of the racing caliper was arranged in such a way that it sits safely on the back of a suitable racing horse.

Used saddles

One of the biggest saddlery programmes in the UK and Ireland. You can be sure that we offer you well-founded and sincere consultation with a choice of over 1000 new and high-quality used saddles and a skilled saddler on site with over 30 years of expert knowledge.

You can browse and buy all our new and used saddles on-line - and all saddles are subjected to an 8-point test to make sure they are suitable for their use. The saddles are fully retraceable, so you can be sure that you are purchasing a top of the range caliper from a reliable supplier.

You will find an ample selection of used show-jumpers, training saddles, workhunting saddles, ponies, running and races. To search our used saddles, click here. When you buy a used seat from us, it will be shipped within 48 hours. The used saddles have a 10-day money-back warranty, should the seat be inapplicable.

When you want to send a used seat back to us, we recommend that you get in touch with us directly to agree on a pick-up of the seat, which is often much less expensive than the delivery of the article itself. For more information on saddling adjustment, click here. The regular inspections we perform make sure that the seat is secure, practical and of the expected standard of workmanship.

Used saddles are tested for eight points by a certified saddler before they are offered for sale. Below are the most important inspections performed on all our used saddles; 1: It is thoroughly inspected to make sure it is not distorted or cracked.

Saddles are made of a single piece of wood. It provides the right shape and firmness of the nut and the right equilibrium of the horseback. By bending the boom from the cantle to the knob, you can inspect it to hear every move.

It is also possible to give your seat to a rider who can visual inspect if the boom is fractured. Never use a seat if you know or think the boom might be broke. This can cause serious injuries to the animal. The belts are tested for long life to prevent undue belt abrasion or damaging.

Belt bands allow a secure attachment of the belt to the seat and the harness to be adjusted for the rider. Since they are an important component of security and strength for the saddles, we suggest a regular check of the belts. Board-dot: Dots of the beam are also tested for breakage.

It often happens when the rider drops onto the rider or crosses the pad. It is the most important part of the nut in relation to the fit, as it is the part of the nut that contacts the rider. Each of our used saddles is tested for clots and the state of the stove and panels is very well.

Flock is what is used to fill the plate of the nut. Woollen flock is usually the most common, as it can be set to change the shape of the calf to suit the rider. The most common application for rubber paneling is in prestige saddles, which are a favourite option because they need little upkeep.

There is no need to refill the rubber boards, but they cannot be adapted to the form of the horses. Cair is only available in Bates and Vintec saddles. In case Cair boards are damaged, they must be substituted by a new one. Front and rear lace-up panel: The lacings of the panelling are tested for abrasion, damages and life.

Embroidery on flaps: Similar to laces, embroidery on flaps is tested for abrasion, damages and life. Seams: Also tested for abrasion, damages and life. Stirrups are tested for security to guarantee strength and longevity. Stirrups not only keep your stirrups, they are also an important security characteristic of an British seat.

All used saddles that we have bought or that we have agreed to exchange have a duly completed receipt which shows the date of purchase of the saddles by us and the seller's name. Our saddles' retraceability gives you the certainty that all our saddles have been thoroughly tested for security and legit.

We proudly present the used saddles we are offering. There is a skilled saddlery technician on site who inspects and assesses each individual used semitrailer for security and workmanship according to strict standards. Recognized qualitiy - we are a member of the English Equestrian Trade Association and also have a local association of upholsterers.

So why don't you change your old one? For an estimate of how much you can get for your seat, click here to fill out our contact sheet.

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