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Westernsaddle, horseback & equipment We' re sure we have a seat that meets your needs at a cost that suits your budgets. Our full line of beautiful handmade westernsaddles, shipped within 48hrs from Illinois, guarantees you top class rideability. A professionally crafted, high-quality caliper made of genuine leathers, velours or synthetics can have a big influence on your driving enjoyment, your show ring performances, your ranching and your trails avenues.

Extremely sturdy fibreglass beams with wooden reinforcement under these beautiful saddles ensure that you always have a feeling of safety and security even in hilly areas.

western saddles

Those are the most popular US saddles. These gorgeous blue saddles are unique! It has a hand-carved flower tool accentuated with thick, plain leathers on the jockey doors and mudguards, giving this kit a two-dimensional effect.

Prepare to spin and fire in this gorgeous drum-trailer! It has a wonderful handmade wickerwork and a flowery pattern accentuated on a middle oiled calfskin. These new saddles have been developed to keep you in the Saddle for hundreds of years and to eliminate wounds in the seat at the same time!

It has a low, very well cushioned fit that provides a comfortable and secure fit on the lower back. A gorgeous classical eastern Indian style Indian style calf with handcarved flower tools, mule-wound horns and wooden hooks. Well upholstered with soft padding for the comforts of the horses. Comes with a fitting staple kit for only $349.99 today!

It has a classical look with middle grain olive wood with flower tools and a convenient cushioned fit, as well as a wide range of neckties for accessories. These calf beam harsh out roping saddles feature a handmade flower skin, accessories, a burlap covered bugle and a well cushioned non-woven base for equine comforts.

These gorgeous saddles made of syntethic tea glass are ideal for any show ring!

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