Safest Equestrian Helmet

The safest riding helmet

Your safest helmet is the one that fits your head best. What helmet is the safest? I have Jenny Beverage from Troxel Helmets explained: Biking and riding are very different.

Insurer test shows loopholes in the riding helmet industry

When the results of an impartial test by the Folksam insurer in Sweden are sufficient, it looks as if only three riding hats in Sweden can protect a horseman from a brainstorm. Stigson says Folksam has two goals: to help the consumer choose and at the same to influence the helmet manufacturer to develop more safe riding helmet designs.

It added that helmet manufacturers should take more responsibilities in enhancing safety. Folksam approved only three of the 15 available models on the Sweden helmetarket. Much better than the others was "best in test" Back on Track EQ3 Lynx MIPS (multidirectional collision avoidance system), while Back on Track EQ3 MIPS and Charles Owen Oyr8 Leather Look were described as "good choice "helmets.

Four of Folksam's physics testing - vertical directional collision damping and three diagonal collision testing. In the event of a crash from a steed or thrill, the insurance company stated that the collision with the driver's face is canted. "The intent was to reproduce this in the test because it is known that angle accelerations are the dominant cause of cerebral injuries," he said, and added that the helmet should not only avoid life-threatening injury, but also, preferentially, cerebral injury that leads to long-term outcomes.

It also turns out that a higher cost is not necessarily related to better security. FOLKSTAKO quoted one of the most costly and one of the poorest in its rating.

CARB023.S.NAK.RED.M (medium) CARB023.S.NAK.RED.L (large)

Weighing just 396g, the E-Light is handmade in a 100% handmade metall metallurgical technique to produce even the smallest esthetic finish. Specialized artisans layer the fibers by craftsmanship to achieve astonishing results in respect of surface finish and mechanic resistance, making the canopy lightweight but just as durable.

Without a doubt, E-Light is the most lightweight helmet on the marked, but it is also one of the safest in the whole wide range. The color coded graphite design of the canopy' s fibers are masterly interwoven with metallic engineering material in metallic colours such as black, brown, red as well as metallic grey. This is the first colouring of charcoal, which sets the helmet apart from other types of helmet.

It' s possible to select between the "naked" version without the use of insets to reinforce the colour-carbon textures, or the version with two or three insets in either grey, pink or green to give your styling a certain daring and personal touch.

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