Safest Horse Riding Helmet

The safest riding helmet

The safest riding helmet on the market. If you are a hunter, show jumper, dressage rider or western rider, we have covered your head with all your favourite helmet brands like Charles Owen, GPA, Samshield, One K, Troxel and Tipperary. Each helmet's construction, manufacture and safety features are discussed in detail.

The best riding helmets for safety and function

Therefore, in this section we will check three of the best riding hats for you to find the one that is for you. The Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet is the right helmet for you if you are looking for a helmet that fits not only you but also your kids, your nephew and more.

The helmet will fit perfectly and you have four sizes from XS to large. However, there is also a sleek dark helmet for those who are looking for something easy. The great thing about this helmet is that it is very lightweight, which means that it does not cause chest and shoulder pains when you use it.

It is also equipped with a flexible top sight to make sure your eye is always safe while you are riding the horse. The most important thing is that this helmet is very breathable to give the helmet enough room to avoid too much perspiration and unpleasant odours. Although it doesn't get messy or stinking so often, it can be washed thanks to the detachableliner.

Con: The Ovation Protégé helmet is probably one of the oldest ones of the family. The helmet is known for how light it is - just under a pound. It' s a great fitting, all thanks to the customizable face that makes it look like it's made to measure for you.

There are also a number of awesome colours such as classical monochrome, blues, pink and amethysts. The helmet comes with ventilation slots on top that give you enough airflow to keep your helmet clean and keep your sudder out. The ventilation slots also have a large net to keep insects or even dirt from getting into the helmet.

This helmet also has an ultra-modern high-density ABS system, which provides you with additional safety at all hours without putting additional strain on the helmet. With regard to its certification, it is both ASTM/SEI and European standards EC approved. This helmet has an easy-to-adjust face that gives you a good fitting.

Con: IRH (International Riding Helmets) is a well-known manufacturer of high class racing hats. Their helmet is a consummate mix of style and functionality, and we have to say we can't disagree less. There are four different helmet types, from small to large.

It is available in either dark brown or marine gold, but each colour has two variations. The helmet is also ASTM/SEI certified. The helmet has a high standard of wearing convenience, as it has two snap-in-liner, which offer the driver an individual mould. Not only are these liner teats high-tech, they also dry quickly.

In addition, the manufacturer has two different uses for each helmet bought. There are two air vents in this helmet, one on the side and the other on the back. The helmet also has a quick-release chin strap and a Velcro fastener with simple adjustment.

Removable chin strap for ease of adjustment and locking. Con: The chin strap tends to be somewhat unpleasant after extended use. Each of the above mentioned items is among the three best riding hats and choosing one of them will make sure you have a secure and convenient trip on your horse.

The IRH 4G helmet is something you will enjoy, while the Ovation helmet will be best if you want to keep away from dirt and bugs. The Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet is ideal for you, on the other side, if you are just a new driver looking for a helmet for daily use, or if you are a newborn.

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