Safety Halter

security holder

The Gatsby Ultra Soft Nylon safety halter is an excellent product that we know our customers will love. Duras-Tech Comfort Plus Nylon Breakaway Halter, Dura-Tech Deluxe Fully padded Nylon Breakaway Halter, Premier Lancaster Leather....

. Cushioned nylon safety holder with a tear-off tab on the buckle for safety and adjustable nose and clip on the cheek for easy putting on and taking off. The Perris Premium Nylon safety holster at Mary's is a double stitched, tear resistant strap with brass coated hardware, leather crown. Sliding buckles under the noseband and laryngeal ridge are highly adjustable to hold the halter even on the trickiest "Houdini".


Security halter main features: "I got this holster because I thought it would be a great additional holster in case mine breaks, but it was very sad. and it came in a very strange height. He was too long and broad (I put her on the narrowest hole) and it was still enormous on my own stable, so I went to a friendly stable and it didn't suit him either! so general report: uneven adjustment, but it was of good enough qualitiy.

In the end, I gave the holster to someone else. Get discounts and 10% off your first shopping now!

Upholstered Velcro safety holder for GreenGuard Grazing muzzle

NOTA: THIS IS ONLY THE HALTER - THE GREEN GUARD GRASS-END MUZZLE IS ON SALE SEPARATELY. Tear-off holster to complement the Green Guard muzzle. Upholstered nose strap and top for maximum grass comforts. Slide straps under the nose strap and laryngeal ridge are extremely variable to hold the halter even on the most tricky "Houdini".

The hook and loop fastener on the top clasp can be easily released under pressure so that you do not have to replace it again and again! One-of-a-kind centre belt (removable on request) prevents the nose belt from pulling down and provides additional strength. SIZE ( "USA and Canada only"): Halter have nose straps and throat straps to adjust the shape.

Perri's Nylon safety noseband made of leather

This makes this high-quality security halter with dual seams, tear-proof and robust nickel-plated steel fittings a good chosen! Comes with an exchangeable safety helmet made of genuine cowhide and has a circle on a navy-coloured band on the cheek and nostrils. Pony and Yearling halter are 3/4" and Cob and Horse are 1" high.

It' great to combine this halter with Perris saddlecloths and linen, which we offer in different sorts. Tearproof woven fabric. Solid brasswork fasteners. Funny, circular band over noses and cheek. Interchangeable safety helmet made of genuine cowhide leather.

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