Sales of Horses

Sale of horses

Our image customers know everything about horses for sale as we would try to buy horses for us. The horses know everything they will live with their future owners. Every year we offer a selected number of our talented young Frisian and Dutch warmblood athletes and broodmares for sale. Each horse is honestly assessed by our Buyer's Passports. The advertising of horses for sale, stallion services, training, instruction, catering, commercial or retail products or other products or services is strictly prohibited.


We work for the global sales of horses for sports, customers all about horses for sales as well as we would try to buy horses for us. The horses know everything they will be living with their prospective owner. Preparing the competition schedule for the sports saison, we teach them that they are safely transported in trailer, truck, etc.

We mainly work with young horses. You will undergo the initial education of a professional/amateur equestrian with an exceptional sense for the preservation of horses with specially disciplined detail and know everything for amateurs. Jitka Ranglova, my co-worker, has been riding for 20 years. Her experience with young horses and many horses in the whole wide range make her owner smile.

More than 400 horses have been sold to the rest of the globe and most of them have been trained by us. We' re always trying to get the latest information from the horse industry and learning new things and tips for our horses. The best consultants are our customers. We also work on 110% via the vet area.

The veterinarian is always in contact with us and with our customers who are willing to discuss our/PSA arrangements. All is recorded on videos and images and sent to our customers on-line. Most of our horses are seen and divided on our Facebook books, where we are always on-line and willing to stay in contact with our customers.

Transports / Export and hematology:: You are always on schedule and communicate well with our customers. We and our customers are delighted with this powerful relationship. The same can be said about the carrier HTC Cargo, which is used by EHS. All of our horses are transported to Holand, where they are awaiting their flight to their new home.

All the horses are considered to have been given their blood as bad and their tales have had a good end.

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