Saxon Horse Blankets Sale

Sale of Saxon horse blankets

axon Horse Blankets together with all other horses. Saxon Horse Blankets & Sheets on Sale. Syntovia Big Boots from Saxony - Ladies. Standard Saxon Mesh Neck Fly Sheet.

The Saxon line from Weatherbeeta has all the features you want for a turnout blanket and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Saxon 1200D Rain Cloth Horse Blankets

Saxon Rain Sheets from Mary from Mary Retck help your horse keep wet on endless wet evenings thanks to 1200 deniers of rip-stop attire. This light switch plate with tailgate has no filling, making it perfect for summer rainfall. Hunter colour with ground colour blocks is classical and can be used in any shed.

Padded with a 210 deniers satin finish that breathes, it moves lightly over your horse's fur to prevent friction and rash. Strengthened gussets provide space for hiking, the reclining strap ensures an individual fitting. Front chestbelts can be fitted into the holders for added safety, while abdominal and thigh belts are slightly extendable or shortenable.

Saxon Rain Sheet is a light but robust moisture protector for your horse at an affordable cost from Mary. To help you measure and dimension a ceiling, Mary's How To Fit Application Guide has the step-by-step information you need.


Visit us and see the biggest selection of horse clothing in the Northwest! Each autumn we package our warehouse and extra warehouse unit with hundred of blankets and blankets! Waterproof blankets and sheet from foals to large and caninesize! A 14-handed Arab, for example, can carry about 70" in height, a 15-handed quarter horse about 76" in height, and a 17-handed warmblood needs an 84" horse that is placed on its back, from the necklace to the tip of its tails.

60-inch Weatherbeeta Saxon 1200 Heavy Duty Turnout Blanket

The Saxon line from Weatherbeeta has the characteristics you want for a soft cover and an excellent price-performance ratio. Generally, these blankets run almost one dimension bigger than the middle of the breast to middle of the cock measuring. There are no ratings for this item yet. Achieve the first rating for this item!

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