Saxon Winter Horse Blanket

Winter Saxon horse blanket

Saxon 1200 D Waterproof Turnout Blanket Lite 0G With the Saxon 1200D Ripstop Standard Neck Lite blanket in 0G you give your horse a cosy warmness! Designed to do the work and at a great price, this sturdy rug has a 1200 deniers ripstop shell and an outstanding cut for maximum comforts. The light weight construction with 0 grams of Styrofoam isolation provides heat and shelter in temperate to hot weather, while the safe front buckle system with twin clasps and low-crossing waist straps ensures a good grip even for the most fun horse. Wrinkles are added for full mobility so that your horse can bock and move with maximum satisfaction.

210T breatheable polyesters wick away perspiration to keep you warm and shiny all winter long! Watch our Blanket Sizingideo to get the right horse for you! View all the properties of this Saxon blanket by click here!

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Saxon 1200d Standard Turnout Blanket 84

This is the cheapest article in raw and unsurfaced state. Items may be unsealed but not present in their shipping carton (e.g. in their shipping carton) or in their shipping carton. This article may be a second or a new, unusable article with deficiencies or imperfections.

New, not used in the pack, we have it for 2 years and never opened, beautiful Californian weathers.

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