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Schniders horse accessories

tackle, manufacturer Helping our clients equip their horse, miniatures, designs and everything in between. This young horseman will find HDR and Vintec saddles as well as suitable straps and bangs. Our range includes halter ponies, harnesses, bit, reins, Martingale, exercise machines - everything to help the little horse feel good and have a good time.

Bangs and small bangs alike will be enjoying our range of Weaver, Triple E1 Mfg and even Double Diamond wire holders in a wide range of shapes and size from small to large bangs. Our range includes horse riding, hunting and jumping saddles, all-purpose, stamina and westernsaddles - and even crossover ones.

Our Duett and Tucker riders' trail and leisure riders' trailbeds offer you and your horse comforts. We offer a wide range of padding for horses with back and neck support. In order to beautify your trip, you can buy our funny, colourful and decorated PRI, Lettia and Mayatex upholstery.

No matter if our clients have young or experienced horse, we have a large selection of Myler, Stubben, Neue Schule, Korsteel and Weaver bit, as well as exercise gear such as pulling lines, side lines, lungeing gear, exercise fork, Mekate, bridle without bit, and more. Naturally every nut needs the right stapes and iron, and here, too, the selection is large - from familiar brands such as Stubben, Korsteel and Herm Sprenger.

Nose straps, Martingale, harnesses, stapes and harness parts from top brands such as Bobby's English Jack, Passier and Nunn Finer ensure that your horse feels good in practice and competitions. In search of the elusive tackle items?

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Cheap horse supplies since 1948. Horse blankets, horse blankets, Western tack, English saddles and accessories, horse boots and wraps, stable accessories, supplements and everything else you need to better exercise, show, maintain and indulge your horse. Founded in 1948. Founded in 1948 by our father, Milton Schneider, our privately held business has been dedicated to value, superior products, innovative excellence, excellent support and a passion and commitment to the equine business.

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