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The SSTACK. com Schneider Tack Rude service. Get Schneider's promotional codes and other top promotions in your inbox, for free! The Todd Minikus and Schneider's Tack form a winning team.

Working at Schneider Sattlerei

At Schneiders, one of the things I like most about working is my team. Assistance is provided when I need help with a choice or issue, and I always have a guide to what I do when I need it. It gives us agility and insight into timetables as we all have a busy and mad life.

Altogether, I would suggest Schneider to others. and what I do. I enjoy the possibilities that have been given me here, even on poor nights when it is difficult to appreciate anything. I work with great fun and the guys I work with make my working day great and they are a great couple to work with every day.

During my years with Schneiders I learnt so much and gathered so much valuable knowledge. It is also important to be open to criticism and the battles we face every single day. What is more, it is also important to be open to criticism and to the fights we face every single day. We are all human beings who need help, assistance, feed-back and comprehension - a road that goes in both directions.... ways.

The Todd Minikus and Schneider's Tack make a winner squad

WELLINGTON, FL (December 1, 2016) - It is no coincidence that Todd Minikus, the internationally renowned show jump rider, is so routine at the top of the Grand Prix series. Sponsor like Schneiders Tack played a vital part in the formation of this top Minikus outfit. The Minikus family trusts Schneiders for grooming and stables.

No matter if you are looking for home care with curry honeycombs and bristles or preparing for a course with swimming needs like special formula conditioning and conditioning solutions, the staff can rely on Schneiders to make your horse look its best. At the end of the trade fair days, Schneiders will also be represented with high-performance LaserWrap supports that stimulate blood flow and accelerate the regeneration of training.

Schneiders met the needs of Team Minikus with an abundance of relief goods both around the shed and at the various contests. Minikus, two-time bronze medallist of the US jumping team at the Pan American Games and winners of over 130 domestic and foreign Grand Prix events, ended the 2016 tournament with his ambitious youngsters at a high level.

Maybe most remarkable is that Minikus and Vita 24 defeated a panel of 40 submissions at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, New York, to take the black band at the $10,000 Shamrock Ventures Open Jumper 1.40m. Deodd Minikus provides selling and practice facilities just a few moments from the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) showground in Wellington, Florida.

Minikus has just come back to his home ground to prepare for the forthcoming WEF course in 2017, where he will be competing with his up-and-coming youngsters as well as the acclaimed Quality Girl. For more information about the show jumpers Minikus provides or to join him in his competitions around the world, please go to Todd Minikus on Facebook and Instagram or on

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