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C-12 New and used schoolbooks

Turn your class-room into the ultimative study space with new and used K-12 schoolbooks. Involve the pupils of your school in your activity by making available the very best new and used PreK-12 schoolbooks. All our books contain offers from all top publishing houses on all topics and genres. Understanding your budget restrictions, we provide an unsurpassed choice of new books, as well as accredited used books and supplements at up to 75% of publishing house rates.

We are the U.S.'s biggest vendor of teaching material for PreK-12 classrooms, librarians, learning centres and school precincts - and a key global education resource. Buying Follett books gives you unsurpassed levels of customer care, value, quality and choice. Our unique store offers easy and quick reference to a wide range of books covering all levels, subjects and curricula.

Previously held text books are no problem if you obtain them from Follett. Every one of our used books is subjected to a thorough 10-point check to maintain consistent product consistency. Every second-hand buy is backed by a 100% warranty of customer service. Earn extra money by swapping your excess PreK-12 schoolbooks, portfolios and supplements for credits or money.

There are currently literally hundred of eText books available from the leading PreK-12 publishing houses. You can even access these books through our e-book book manageability softwaresolution, designed specifically for the needs of PreK-12 teachers and schoolchildren. Beyond text books and improve reading skills throughout the school with these other Follett materials choices.

Select from more than 12 million PreK-12 compliant books and use our inventory creation tools, Titlewave®.

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