Schooling Aids for Horses

Training aids for horses

horse training equipment Exercise aids are devices that the horses carry and can be a useful complement to the exercise programs of some horses. Exercise aids should only be used by skilled horsemen or they have the ability to cause more damage than benefit. Except for De Gogue, which has two different adjustments that allow it to be used for both equestrian and lung work, exercise aids can be used for both horseback and lungeing.

Exercising aids are used to help horses to work and use their body more efficiently. Exercise machines should only be used for the positive education of a Horse and not to push a Horses into a firm posture, otherwise not only the musculature of the Horses but also its mind will be excessively strained.

The ActionEach exercise aids exert different quantities of stress on the different parts of the horse's system, always looking for the least strenuous exercise area. Always ride the horses forward in an inspiring mansion so that the horses learn to activate their hind legs and use their backs properly to obtain self-propagation.

Adjustment Each device must be adjusted thoroughly to make sure that the adjustment does not cause damage or inconvenience to the equine animal. Handle all exercise aids with great diligence, because if used properly, they help to train a self-running equine and keep the use of exercise aids to a minimum.

The continuous education of horses and riders is essential in order to create a long-term benefit. Exercise aids should not be used as a fast fix or as a replacement for a proper and thorough workout. Every equestrian can respond differently to new gear, so take your moments to introduce a new turning point.

Exercise aids should only be used by advanced horsemen.

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