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Offer Horse saddle

Every year we reach millions of people and ship saddles to the United States, Canada and all over the world. A saddle, like a horse, sells better at certain times of the year. Let us send, sell and dispatch your saddle for you.

Every year we send calipers to the United States, Canada and all over the globe. We' re making it very simple for you to sell the saddle quickly! This is where we sell calipers and this is where they look if they want to buy a used saddle. We' ll get in touch with you with dispatch directions.

You' re sending us your saddle. We do not sell with shipped seats, so please do not ship them. PLEASE do not put your saddle in polystyrene nuts! Your saddle will be measured and prepared for sales. We offer FREE of charge professionnal photos for every shipment saddle for a fixed period of $25, which drastically increases the pace of your sales.

Your saddle will be promoted to the thousand of clients who come to see us every day. We' ll recommend it immediately via our saddle expert programme. Once we have listed your saddle on our website, you can go to the "Rating" and make a comment about your saddle that you think a prospective purchaser would like to know.

We have saddle specialists to take care of all the hard work. We' ll sell your saddle and ship the cash to you! We' ll give you photos and detailled information about your saddle. Either you can e-mail us your images if you like, but only for a short period of the year we offer our professionals the best images of your saddle for free worth $25.

Their saddle will be treated in the same way as our new ones, and the images will be the same top of the range photos that our clients like. For a small charge we can ship you the right carton, packaging and packaging materials. Your saddle can be sent to us at a discounted UPS tariff.

You can also ship the saddle with your own shipment materials and ensure that the saddle is sent to us yourself. Pre-packaged seats are free to ship, so please modify your order so that it reflects a delivery charge (our real cost). Buyers can influence the sales prices with one of our great voucher-code.

When you are not sure how to rate your saddle, we can give you an estimation of the suggested retail prices. Approximately 30 working nights are the typical sales period for a semi-trailer. This means, of course, that some sell quicker and others need longer. Please give us at least 90 working nights to sell your saddle.

To have us check your saddle and suggest a suitable saddle pricing before deciding to send it, please complete the following questionnaire.

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