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Suggestions on how and where you can sell your saddles, bridles and other horse equipment! The best way to sell tacks? We also have a large selection of used riding clothes, bridles, girths, horse blankets, stable accessories and MORE! Have you got a "gently" used saddle for sale? Aside from eBay, what are the best sites for the sale/purchase of used tack?

Where can I get my used horse equipment for sale? Where can I sell it?

Where can I get my used horse equipment for sale? Where can I sell it? The majority of us have a huge amount of essential horse articles that we haven't used for years. One good way to make some spending cash is to sell you things - but what is the best way to sell your wares?

And then I choose to throw, repair, sell or give. I want to make sure that all articles that end up on the market or give a stack are absolutely neat and undamaged. Don't sell any filthy things. I' m really supposed to say don't try to sell any filthy things. Take a good look - it's filthy and chapped.

Now, the deeper part. Tack and hide goods - a few footsteps to go. Well not necessarily the seat, but at least the stirrups or mudguards! That makes it easy to check for damages. Check the entire surface of the hide for tears, fractures and stretch.

This indicates a weakened condition of the leathers and can cause breakage. And for a pin on your high buck seat, consider having it fixed or exchanged. If you are looking for a low buck napped holster headgear replacement pieces you have not used or washed in five years, consider throwing it. Begin to deeply purge.

Conditioning everything. It may take several working nights for you to get conditioned, according to the old state of your leathers and their maintenance. For softening, use a balm or neatfoot lotion. NEATFOOT can sometimes obscure leathers, so be ready. Read more about lubrication here! Thoroughly wash everything - especially the corners and edges!

Suitable for covers, saddles, boots, etc. Cleanliness is the motto! An experienced washing company can also pack and unfold your covers in easy-to-store (and sell) sacks. Apply a rigid bristle to everything to clean hair, perspiration and debris before washing. You can use a maned pull combs or a fulminator hairbrush to get lint out of the hook and loop fastener.

It is a good starting point to check eBay pricing, share sites and even make a tour to your consignation store to see the stock and dots. Sell where? Would you like to be involved in promotion and packaging and dispatch, or do you simply want to hand it over to someone else to sell and settle the comission?

Do you want to exchange it for a newer one? A HORRIBLE nut sales picture. Make, style, year of construction, height, slot width, kind of grain, description of torsion (narrow, wide?), series number. When you are not a company and someone wants you to send it to them for testing, be cautioned that you will never see your cash or your bike again.

They can have a returns policy where they will receive a reimbursement if the seat is given back in the same state. Shadowy, real near, real clear. When you sold your horse's used equipment, what worked for you?

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