Sell Saddle Online

The saddle for sale online

The sale of a used saddle is very similar to online dating: There are two beautiful saddles that I have to sell because they don't go with my own horses anymore. Not many other places that are used, that are online. I've got a nice, tight saddle to sell. What is the best place to list hunters and show jumpers online?

There are 6 tips for the sale of a saddle online

Do you have a saddle you can't use? Do you know your saddle and make a comparision of prices? First of all, don't worry about it being your saddle. Quickly browse Google and Ebay for similar seats and rate your seats similarly - or more cheaply if you want to sell quickly. If you don't know any particulars about your saddle, you'll probably have to buy it very cheaply, as you won't find many folks willing to spend more than $200 on a long time nameless saddle (if that's the case).

When your saddle is at the other end of the range, think of your public - most online saddle seekers try to get a good deal. So, if you are trying to sell a high-end saddle, it might be better to put it on console in a retail shop. Wouldn't you want to see a saddle in reality if you paid a thousand bucks for it?

Poste it as many places as possible - but keep an eye on the expiry date. Just like purchasing a saddle online, purchasing a saddle online will spare you the hassle of having to pay for a saddle deal, but it will take you a lot of time to manage the sales yourself. Look at the pages where you publish it, because someone else can place an ad "in pursuit of" describing your saddle to a T. Some idea for points of sales for your saddle:

Grade eBay allows you to refresh your ad a certain number of time, but since it has a ceiling on the amount of dollars you can add per year, you could quickly hit this barrier with a saddle. Simply call their support and talk to a sales executive to raise your sales limits and extend them for an indefinite period.

A while may pass before the right individual has discovered your saddle - so put memories on yourself to refresh your advertisements and keep your saddle in good shape while it is suspended. When you ship your saddle instead of making the change in hand, the cost of delivery can be high. Please use the smallest boxes you can find (the best is at Wal Mart or Home Depot, NOT at the postal service!) and make sure you secure and trace the parcel to reduce your liabilities.

Prior to closing the mailbox, place a sheet of To/From address printed on it and keep it in the mailbox just in case the mailing labels are broken on the way. Best of luck with the sale and Go ridin'!

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