Sheepskin Saddle Pad

Saddlecloth made of sheepskin

Sheepskin saddle pad, half saddle pad, saddle seat cover, bridle cover, halter cover, webbing band cover and saddle pad. The sheepskin is covered with a high-quality quilted cotton pad with a light wool filling. E.A. Mattes, long-time market leader in innovative sheepskin saddle pads, has combined the highest quality of sheepskin with technical properties that are unparalleled.

Over our saddle pads

); } else {groupHtml = subgroupHtml. concat('''); } $(groupHtml). insertBefore('#sort-dropdown'); } $('.sort'). on('click', function(e) { e. preventDefault(); }); // Prohibit hyperlinks that are followed when clicking on the sorting }); We provide a set of sheepskin details and equipping. All of our jogging gear improves the ride for horses and riders.

It serves as protection for the riders' and horses' well-being and wellbeing. Have a look at our range of horses for westerns or training (English) horseback rides. Sheepskin saddle pad, half saddle pad, saddle cushion, saddle cloth, harness cloth, harness cloth, webbing band cloth and saddle cloth.

Our sheepskin horses are made of 100% medicinal sheepskin. A number of items are for under the saddle and others for over the saddle. Lambskin is particularly respiration-active, so that you and your horses do not over-heat. "When I was looking high and low for a true quadratic sheepskin cushion, this matches all of my criterions and is actually GENUINE sheepskin.

This pad is of outstanding overall performance and therefore very suitable for every westerner. The price is fair and the sheepskin is of an outstanding standard! I' m an enduring driver and that's why convenience and qualitiy are extremely important. "5 "5-star" "Great saddle pad - I'll order more.

" Sheepskin saddle pad with roller, fully padded..... "Awesome saddle pad, outstanding workmanship, great team! "I ordered this saddle cushion in beige and I always get a compliment for the fitting and qualitiy. I' m amazed by the upholstery, so convenient for the long journeys in summers and now in winters.

It' s a good deal, the support is great and if I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

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