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That Shetland Cart is the best in the UK! Zilco SL Shetland harnesses are specially designed for Shetlands and small ponies for pleasure or show riding. Pair of Harness Mini Mini Shetland. The basket is not supplied. Shipment charges are charged at the cash desk depending on what you have in your basket and the area you choose.

Kindly notice that we ship to the EU and certain other European Union states upon your inquiry and make you an offer for the postage and packing.

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Utensils SL universal

Shetland and Small Pony harnesses, developed for two small pony size, with classic strap tracks. Suited for a variety of riding acitivities such as combination riding, daily workout and leisure time. Specially developed for small animals, the SL Minid harness is made of plastic. Incl. handcrafted chest collar with buckles.

Compatible with all kinds of rides, includes fun and competitions. Upholstered chest collar with simple neck strap, tree free flexi seat, no square hooks on the seat, open tractor, cushioned belt with overstrap, cushioned tail strap, cushioned fastener with simple hip strap, track carrier and fastening strap. Bridles with cushioned croup, full-length shallow laryngeal ridge, wired turn signals, variable-length headband and cushioned lash.

The SL tracks have both slots and D-ends for added flexibility. Replacing open loops with a $28 Open Lounge tractor is available for an additional charge. The Zilco SL Harness is completely made of plastic in ebony with high-grade hinges.

Heritage Harness Miniature

Thumbnail & Shetland Harness Sizes. Now the new Harness is raising the standards for harness kits. Manufactured from the best drum-dyed cowhide and mounted with all high-grade hinges, the kit is delivered in a zippered case for protecting and storing. Years ago I purchased a small harness that I have ever possessed for what I want to have powerful and dependable, and I have won many champions in the shows that look wonderful.

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