Shetland Pony Halters

Pony Halter Shetland

It's hard to fit and I'm having trouble finding a real pony holster. Walldhausen Crystal Foal/Shetland Holder at Mary's is a black leather foal/pony halter with nose strap, silver hardware and cheek clip. Pony Leather Halter Sizes:: Weanlings - Pony. That' a beautiful holster! Thick, butter-soft skin.

Sewn twice. Adaptable nosepiece. Everything is made of smooth and..... Smaller sized holster for horses or ponies. Usual wearing on an older holster, no damages or faults. YEARSIZE OR LARGE PONY SIZED PONY SKIN HANGER.

DOUBLE BELTED AND SEWN NAPPA LEATHERS. That is 100% genuine 5/8" genuine cowhide leathers. vidaXL top qualitiy, blowout pricing, quick delivery! Sturdy holster with super smooth padding on nose and nosebands for added comfort. Adjustable buckles on the top and the collar clips.

Sizes:: bangs / pistons / full. Fine workmanship at a reasonable cost. Two buckles on the top, continuous brazen mount. The cheek are sewn three times and duplicated. Three layer Nylons holster with Nylons crest. Crowns made of genuine cowhide leather. Colours available: blue, red, green, black, chestnut brown, navy and violet:

showman adjustable nylon bronze adjustable nylon noseband holder. WITH OAK -FLATED NOSE STRIP - 3.5" WIDTH. Developed to give your stallion the greatest possible level of stall or grazing space while maintaining a high-quality look and feeling that will last for many years.

Walsh Kentucky Triple-Stitched Holder. Manufactured from British bridled suede with hand-cut corners, with variable crest, curled neck with press stud and massive brassworkware. ARTFULLY SEWN USED LEDERHALFTER / COLLARS. Sizes:: Cob / Pony / Mini. Ornamental seams on coronet, cheeks and nose strap. Upholstered with soft cowhide.

Completely handmade holster. brand-new pony-sized pony-holder. Designed for the most demanding riders, this classical necklace with cushioned nose strap and browband offers additional wearing comforts. A must for every age group. Three-quarter" strap. Here is a Prayum Show Holder from the USA.

year or small, pony-sized horsehalf of leathers. AND SEWN ED EDIBLE LEATHERS. MADE OF REAL LATHER. RECLINING BUCKLES. Crown-iece:: "9"; noseband: 29-1/2"-32 "Full: crown piece: "8"; nose strap: 28"-30" Cob: Crown-iece:: 6-1/2"; noseband: 26"-2..... Pony-bronze holder, doubly sewn and doubly sewn high-class neylon with strong nickle fitting, variable nape and adjustably cheek for an simple mould.

The Showman® Pony show holster with leash. The neckholder has dual clasps on the top and a three-stage, variable nasal and laryngeal locking mechanism. Halfter has sterling on the nosebands and cheek. Configurable road.... When you have a delicate stallion, it can be a tough task to handle, especially when you are on the showground.

The best description of our "High Fashion" halter line is our designs and conveniences for your horses! The best description of our "High Fashion" halter line is our designs and conveniences for your horses! It' made of high grade 1" genuine dual sewn nappa leathers. Darkbrown colour with ready edge and a dual buckled top.

HORSWARE Amigo upholstered holsters. Sturdy, environmentally sound leathers. USA FANTY STICK USA LEDERHALFTER / COLLARS. Decorative holster made of USA-Leder. Ornamental seams on coronet, cheeks and nosebands. Upholstered with cowhide. Completely handmade holster. Sizes:: Smooth grain leathers. Greatness is Jährlingspferd or large Pony. There is a dual strap buckle on the headband and several perforations to adapt it to the situation.

A cost-effective lether holster is perfectly suited for a secure soaking. This is an inexpensive everyday holster that looks good and is very well crafted. This is a handy holster for everyday use..... The Henri de Rivel fantasy holsters are the best way to complement your horse's showwear with the smooth and royal look of France cowhide.


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