Shetland Pony Harness

Pony Shetland harness

SHETLAND PONY PAIR HARNESS Easy to handle, yet robust and comfortable for all performance classes. is the cuteest little guy you'll ever meet! The Zilco SL Shetland and Small Pony harness is designed for two sizes of small ponies, with traditional buckle marks.


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We have ordered a Shetland sized and it goes well with our Shetland, except for the over check, which is too long, but burnt into the belt makes it simple to make a hole. I' ve changed the tail straps to a high grade, cushioned piece of genuine skin - the originals are missing a little, but will do the work.

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SHETLAND PONY POIR shetland pony poirir urenness easy to use yet robust and comfortable for all performance classes. The same Zilco SL Shetland Pony Harness but for a couple. Click here to see the full ZILCO online catalogue. Deliveries time varies by request, but harness kits are usually delivered quickly.

To place or request an order for one of the ZILCO product, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Made from Zilco's premium grade material, SL Harness contains high-quality stainless stell hardware for easy cleaning. The Flexi tree free seat for a perfect fitting on all surfaces. The SLL Shetland and SL Sportz can optionally be ordered with a Deluxe seat instead of the tree free basic one.

The bridle has a unique pony head design: Stylishly designed blinders to show off cute little minds.

Cart Shetland ("miniature" horse-drawn carriage)

The best Shetland kart in the UK! This is a beautiful horse-drawn carriage that is ideal for recreation and fun (crockery not included). BUT ONLY THE BLUE AND BLUE CARS HAVE CREAM SEATS. Painting the rose car is just so you can see the color.

It' not the Shetland Trolley. The Shetland Shetland kart is made of powder-coated stainless steal and is available in black, blue, pink and red. It is a high class equestrian carriage with a well cushioned seating with spiral feathers for more convenience. It has a PVC coating for a waterproof surface and fenders to prevent splashing when riding in the rainy conditions.

Trolley is fitted with frictional brakes, headrest, reins, reflector and two lash hooks (one on each side). It has air tires and is perfect for roads, railways or fields. It' a great car for recreation, fun or demonstration. 24? - 36? Shetland Ponies, Miniature Shetland and Miniature Horses.

It' for 1 adults or 2 small kids (up to 18 stones / 114kg). This trolley is not designed for the transport of goods! N.B. THE BRAKE ON THIS CAR SHOULD ONLY HELP ON THE FIRST DESCENT ON A GRADIENT. TIGHTEN UP, PLEASE, AS THE BRAKE IS ONLY A TOOL.

In addition, a return fee will be charged if no one can accept the goods. The Shetland Cart is mounted for shipment - the seats and axles must be mounted on shipment. The harness is not supplied with the harness. You can find the forwarding expenses on our forwarding information page (forwarding expenses are charged at the cash desk).

Shipment charges are charged at the cash desk depending on what you have in your basket and the area you choose. We can also supply to the EU and certain other destinations on demand and give you an estimate of the cost of shipment. For more information, please see our full shipment information page.

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