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Hertland pony / donkey rugs. Dokey Rugs Lightweight turnout rug with ripstop outside. You can find Shetland Pony rugs ads in our Horses & Ponies category. A few of the patterns we have used for our Shetland pony rugs.

Carpets Pony

Leaflets from Horseware and Bucas. Every one of these producers shares our philosophie that it is not good enough to reduce a blanket to pony-sized. Horseware Amigo Petite carpets are available with or without filling from 2'9 with removable shells. Different stable and fleece plugs are also available from 2'9"-3'9".

At Horseware we have worked tirelessly to launch a series of sophisticated carpets to keep the smallest miniature carpets safe from the elements. The Shires Miniature Highlander switch carpet is also available with a comfortable 200g filling from 2'9. From 3'9" upwards, the Horseware Rhino Pony Line has four different switch carpets that are engineered for a long service life and provide a great shape for all forms.

Shires Tempest's selection of switch and barn carpets is amazing and the Shires Highlander carpet selection is an excellent one. Bucas offers the Smartex with or without filling from 3'6. In addition, we are offering the low-cost Bucas Freedom series.

Shetland and smaller pony owner will also find the Bucas Shamrock Power from 3'6" as a great multi-purpose carpet with a good mould. Besides the Bucas Pony series up to 5' 6" and the Horseware Rhino Pony series up to 5' 9" we also carry the Shires Stormbreaker, Tempest and Highlander series.

Carpets for Shetland ponies

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