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Pony Show Holder Shetland

The American Shetland Pony Club, Inc. is today the oldest small horse register there is. Pony Talk Shetland Show Halter Shetland' s paintings are shown in the same way as miniatures. Mine 38'' Shetland is wearing an L-show halter, but he is extremly sophisticated and has a small little brains, his brains are smaller than my 31.5'' min.

By the time I got his holster, I thought he was 40'' and I didn't tell them that he was sophisticated so they sent me home with an XL sized and nosepeice will fit, but the part that goes behind the ears is WAY too big even on the smallest whole.

With him we can get into the ring and have made it this year but after August (our last show) im going to make a smaller scale for Royal next year. Do you think you said your Shetland was 11.2hhh? I' d say a mini-halters either L or XL would suit him, which you can find at or or

Have a look at the Last Chance Sales Board, they always have show halter for selling. Westerly type holders, I would say an XL or I would work for you and are generally less expensive then coiled holders and if your showing on-site exhibitions and 4-hour shows westerly holders are more common at our exhibitions and 4-hour shows here.

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