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The Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Feed is the only one of its kind that is tailored to the needs of miniature horses and ponies that are usually metabolically more efficient than large horses, yet still meet the nutrient requirements of growth, reproduction and work. You can find great deals on eBay for Shetland Pony in Horese Blankets and Sheets. Silver Dapple Shetland Pony. Like To Groom And Tack Up A Horse or Pony.

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Traditional Gypsy Vanner from Breyer provides colour, character and a lot of coat! This is just a few things about the Gypsy Vanner race that will attract your interest. Gypsy Vanner comes from the United Kingdom. Made by gypsies, these were not only raised to be handsome, they had to be useful.

Gypsy Vanners served as a means of transport and had to be powerful enough to move large cars into trailers and friendly enough to have a family's kids around. Similar to a small design, Gypsy-vans usually have thick plumage on their feet and luxuriant hairs and cocks. Available in many colours and designs, which include beepald ( "black and whites Tobiano"), squewbald ( "skewbald" (combinations of dark grey, dark grey and light blue incl. three-coloured Tobiano) and blue don ("monochrome" with splashes of whites from below).

First-ever Gypsy Vanners were introduced to the United States in 1996, and today this robust and smart race is becoming increasingly popular.

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