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MagnetRestore - Magnesium Supplement for Horses

It is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the human organism and is essential for the functioning of nerves and muscles. MagRestore®, our magnesia maltate, a proprietary version of magnesia, is made up of a single maleic ester bonded to two magnesia atoms and is an outstanding resource for magnesia and magnesia, with outstanding bioavailability.

Since Malat does not respond to stomach acid, it does not interfere with the gastrointestinal tract, as is sometimes the case with other types of magnesia. It is found at significant elevations throughout the entire human system and is implicated in a number of responses that include muscular tension, clotting and the production of ATP, the body's most important source of protein.

Apple acids penetrate readily the blood-brain bound and bind to aluminium in the brains, thus avoiding unwanted accumulation of the metals. In addition, di-magnesium maleate is an outstanding modifier and eliminated by substituting aluminium for aluminium mg from the human organism while providing mg for nerve cells. Dosage: 2 shovels with AM and PM ration for ten day or until the symptoms of lack subside. Also advised for periods of distress or elevated sports performances, hard working horse, working in extremely hot conditions, exercise or competitions.

Horse riding 4-6 riding day a week-OK to stick with this dosing. Conservation dose: 1-2 shovels a day, up to intestinal intolerance, or as recommended by your vet or horse grower. Because of the presence of magnesium, ruminant insects should be supervised by a veterinary surgeon. Do not feed MagRestore with antiulcer drugs, slip earwax, or over-the-counter antiulcer drugs at the same time as these can block mg uptake.

Magnesia as di-magnesiummalat, ricegran syrup, Lecithin, grounded flax, wheaten-grain, brewer's-yast, dry melasse, contains no synthetic colourings, flavourings or conservatives. Our MagRestore pelletized products have the taste and smell of molasses. For IR or failed ponies, please be aware that the amount of molasses in this preparation is not sufficient to increase your glucose level or adversely influence your pony metabolism.

We' re almost through our first pocket and he hasn't put a kernel in his pail since we began this work. Thanks, MagRestore! When she was 14 years old, she was a very different kind of girl. Very good quality products. Worked on two different ponies that had different problems that I hopefully could solve.

The MagRestore products have had a positive reaction from both horses. In addition, I noticed an amelioration in both birds in 24 workinghours after the launch of the IPS. I' ve got a jumpy little pony that' gets so excited, she chains it up. lt totally turned my stallion around for the better. Having struggled for several years to tie her and almost turn her into a piece of grazing jewelry, I am happy to say that she has not been linked since she was put on MagRestore.

Caution with other food additives b/c Many use magnesium dioxide, which is not as good as Mag Malat (used in Mag Restore) b/c dioxide is not so readily ingested. Nor should this be given at the same medication times as Ulcus drugs. I' ve never been a big creditor on additions before, but I'm on sale on Magrestore.

While reading more, I am learning the importance of mag in people' nutrition and have found that it is one of the most important things for equine wellbeing. Notice that this has tied my saddle, but many other saddles and their problems can profit from it.

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