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The shop would like to send you notifications. Search your shopping in Lexington, Kentucky. Wellcome to the Horse & Hound Tack Shop website.

Equine equipment shop in Lucerne - Lucerne Forum

Could locals tell us if there are any horse equipment and apparel sales in Lucerne? In Lucerne there is no such shop (at least I couldn't find one), but there are two in Baar near Zug (not far from Lucerne). Qualipet in the Emmen Center has a horse department - see (only in French/German).

It is located on the edge of Lucerne, just a few minuts from the city center by coach, tram or automobile. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one. Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be removed, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons.

Opening of Hanson equestrian shop

When you are looking for new or used horse equipment, please come and see Hanson Horse Track in Culver. The JOY DEHAAN/MADRAS PIONEER - Karen Hanson shows one of the new calipers in her saddle shop, if you are looking for new or used horse equipment, Hanson Horse Jack, in Culver, is having its big opening on October 6th.

It is a home owned company situated on the Hanson Hay Farms LLC farm, 9212 SW Bear Drive, near the Haystack reservoir. The owner Karen Hanson's experiences include horse education, teaching horse riders and having her own stable in the Willamette Valley. She joined a Jefferson County 4-H horse club in 2001 and was a 4-H horse champion in Clackamas County for more than 25 years.

"but it' s something I always wanted to do. For 10 years I worked at the Round Butte petrol filling stations (now Culver Shell and Feed), taking inventory and gaining experiences," Hanson said. The Hanson Horse Tack stocks new articles she buys from Texas, such as Cowboy Pro, Action America's Top brand and Abetta horse equipment.

It can order specific calipers for clients and also accept shipping calipers for those looking for a good used one. In the shop she also has video clips of horse trainings, which can be watched by clients. "She said, "This is something I enjoy," about the new place.

The Hanson Horse Tack is open from 10 to 17:30, Tuesday to Saturday and by arrangement at other time. You can find the shop's telephone number at 541-408-2529, and there is also a Facebook page.

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