Short Riding Boots and Chaps

Riding boots and chaps

Dear horse lovers, look elsewhere. MILSTONE BLING Leather Half Chaps- DEAL! The full chaps cover the entire leg, while half chaps imitate the style of high riding boots that fit from knee to ankle and are worn with short paddock boots.

Riding Chaps - Full & Half Chaps von Ride-away

Safeguard your horse riding with our range of half chaps. Riding chaps are not only efficient to prevent the stirrup from being crushed on the feet, they are also easily cleaned. Review your favorite brands such as Brogini, Shires and Tredstep Ireland and select the right one.

Featuring a large selection of well-known makes and style, it's simple to find the ideal combination of elegant suedeleather halfchaps or hard-wearing halfchaps for your look. When you find your favorite artwork, combine it with a set of jodhpurs or paddock boots for a classical riding look that is sure to look and touch good.

Have a look at our full Half Chaps range to learn more.

Horse Riding Chaps for Children - Half Chaps for Children

Riding chaps for kids protect the younger rider's feet from getting dirty, sweating and rubbing and provide a little more support in the seat. Half-chaps go from knees to ankles, simulate the look of larger riding boots and should be carried with short paddocking boots, while full chaps should wear all over the whole legg.

The Full Chaps are a great choice for the rider who wants to wear denim, while Half Chaps are very much appreciated for training and instruction. Half-chaps are also a good way to provide additional heat during the cold winter time. Upholstery is now available in half chaps in machine-washable plastics, but the most common types are buckskin and nappa-look.

There is an exhilarating range of functions and colours for half chaps and semi-custom full chaps to meet the needs of every age group. Kids Half Chaps are conceived for high-quality performances in the areas of training, show, trailer riding and amusement riding. Combine them with paddocking boots for a look that will delight the audience.

Select from Ovation's Childs Pro Top Grain Half Chap or the Amara Washable Synthetic Suede Classic Suede Cowhide Hook & Loop Close Half Chap, or the Perri's Kids Velcro Durable Suede Cowhide Hook & Loop Half Chaps or the trendy Equestrian Suede Kids Riding Chaps with snap fastener, a stable resilient straps and additional protection on the inside thighs.

Full Chaps are the most popular training options and have retained their appeal for the rider who wants to wear them. The full riding chaps for children offer additional seat grips and complete legrests and can be carried either with cowboy boots or Paddock boots. There is nothing better than a kit full of chaps to give the children a little more heat during the cold winter time.

Take half chaps by taking measurements from the tip of the hock (in the leg) to the tip of the lower quad. Then, take the broadest part of the veal. If the chaps are full, take the inside length of the legs just below the ankles. Then, take the femur. Most of our children's riders are handwashable.

Just spray with dirt or detergent and clean without dehydrating the skin. The majority of leathers should not be washed in the washer.

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