Short Shank Bit

Shaft Drill Bit

These teeth are ideal for horses with soft mouths. The Equisential Performance Short Shank Bit with Smooth Snaffle exerts more pressure, making it a great all-purpose bit that is suitable for most horses. This is Dutton Short Shank Swept Back Twisted Dog Bone. Micmar Short Shank Bit at Mary's is an English, Western or driving bit for any horse that needs precise communication & softening.

Short-shaft sherry Cervi diamond chain reamer.

Micmar Short Shank Bit- English & West Bit

Mikmar's Short Shank bit is a worldwide favourite - for every British and West German sport as well as for ski. Utilizes both immediate effect via the original mouth piece and lever effect via the movable leathers or the kerbstone necklace. The Mikmar bit, without noseline, exerts simultaneous pressures on the mandible, pollen, barb and reed when applying force to the rein.

With the broad, shallow nozzle and the cup roll, which encourages salivation, you will reach a smoother, more reactive lips. Mikmar Short Shank is also perfect for preventing the horses from placing their tongues over their teeth while promoting sideways and vertically bending.

Stem Buds

Stem bytes are a popular and useful method to facilitate communication with your equine being. Have a look at our large range of different bit types in cheeks, mouthpieces and designs. Take a look at our headpieces, which work wonderfully with all our shaft parts. Anything you need, we've got a slice.

Check out correcting bit, grass bit, toggle bit, collapsible bit, kerb bit, short shaft bit, long shaft bit and much more. Featuring some of the best bit from trusty brands like Tom Balding, Jeremiah Watt, Greg Dutton and Sliester. Every bit is handmade, one shaft, one mouth piece at a stretch - right here in the USA.

Shopf Dutton short shaft dog bone bit

This short butt is a soft butt, ideal for younger riders or a delight to get on your ready horse. Short shank allows more driver effort to get the same effect as the longer shank chisels. This is the returned lever for flexibility in choosing.

This bit has a 5" mouth piece and a 6" shaft.

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