Short Shank Snaffle Bit

Snaffle bit with short shaft

This is Dutton Short Shank Swept Back Twisted Dog Bone. Short-shaft sherry Cervi diamond chain reamer. New Jeremiah Watt Low Port Short Shank Argentine Bit. These teeth are ideal for horses with soft mouths. Designed by Chris, the short shaft snaffle is a great transition from a snaffle, O or D-ring bit.

Training bit with short black steel shaft

To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline. To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline. "5 "5" cute, copper-inlaid ferrous snaffle mouths.

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BittLogic Professional Snaffle with short shaft

The smoothest of all shank bit stallions, the 6" Cheek / Smooth Snaffle, is ideal for transporting a stallion from an O-ring to a shank bit or for lightweight, well-broken oldersters. The kerb puts gentle exertion of force on the horse's jaws, rods, corner of the jaw and tongues.

One small footstep up from the bridle, the 1 "x 1". The corrector exerts force on the jaw, beams and edges, but it exerts additional force on the snout. It is a good move upwards for a filly out of the 6" cheeks. Cheeks: 2.5" shaft:

Professional's Choice Short Shank gag snaffle bit

Professional's Choice Short Shank Gag Snaffle Bit is a multi-purpose bit, perfect for a wide range of horse and discipline. With a movable forward moving mouth piece, this bit interferes with the pollen print and allows more side diffraction and height of shoulders. An additional central bar ensures slower gliding than conventional toggles and prevents the mouth piece from moving completely downwards.

The use of palatal and cash pressures means that this bit can also be used with a Martingail or a twin reins for extra training. Manufactured from sweetened steel, the mouthpiece rusts of course when subjected to humidity, which creates a sweeter flavour and promotes acceptability.

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